How to Style ’70s Bangs

‘70s styles have marked their big comeback. Although the styles of that time are mainly associated with the subculture of hippies,‘70s inspired hairstyles are associated with the iconic look of beloved Farrah Fawcett. Well guess what! Now it’s the best time to rock a similar style. Well to be more specific certain elements of the style. For example the bangs can be worn today in a quiet different way for a sophisticated stylish look. One of the best things about this style is that it can work great with practically any haircut. So whether you’re currently rocking a bob cut or long locks the ‘70s inspired bangs can be the best option to go for to spice up your look. Now read on to find out the basics about this gorgeous style.

How to Style '70s Bangs

What to Ask for At the Salon

This style of bangs is actually a mix of blunt bangs and side-swept. Also to make it clear we suggest taking a picture to the salon to show it to the hairstylist. Note that the results mainly depend on the type of your hair. The best hair for this style is thick and straight while curly hair is the worst as it requires a lot of work to be done.




How to Maintain the Look

This style of bangs requires a specific maintenance. So if you don’t really like visiting a salon or you’re too busy to do that then maybe it’s not be the best option for you. The thing is that such bangs end right below your eyebrows. So depending on how fast your hair grows the grow-out may be very fast. According to experts to maintain this look one needs to get a quick trim every 7 or 10 days.

How to Style

The styling process might differ depending on the type of your hair.

For thin hair hairstylists suggest using volumizing products to work on the texture before styling. To style thin hair you need to blow dry them in the direction you want them to be using your fingers to get the needed effect.

In case of curly hair stylists suggest working on the texture with a smoothening product and blow-drying them to get the look. Note that using a small paddle brush is the best you can do in this case.

How to Keep the Look Fresh

Bangs usually get oily quicker than the rest of the hair. So to keep the style fresh you might need to stick with a daily hair wash regime. Now if you don’t really like the idea of washing your hair on a daily basis then dry shampoo is the best option for you.