How to Stay Shine-Free All Day Long

An oily and a shiny face is one of the biggest insecurities for women. The problem gets more obscure in the summer, so you spend more and more time on it. I hope these “shine-free all day long” tips will help you get rid of this problem.
Tips to Beat the Shine
Basically you need to remember to prevent the problem than to hide it with powders and primers and etc.
Exfoliate Regularly
Make sure to exfoliate regularly for a shine-free face, at least once a week to get the result you want. Scrubbing will remove the dead skin cells which will help the applied oil-controlling products work more effectively.

Go for Oil-Controlling Cleanser
Get in the habit of using oil-controlling or oil-regulating cleanser (containing salicylic acid or purifying clay) – gently massage your face with it in the mornings, afterwards spill some cold water on your face and you can get on with your daily routine.
Opt for Alcohol-free Toner
Another, rather interesting fact, any alcohol-based toner will cause oil formation on the skin more frequently, so try to avoid it. Luckily, there are many, many products that are alcohol-free (with tea-tree oil, calendula extract & etc basis), so I suggest you take your time, hit the stores and go for a search.
Apply Clay-based Mask Weekly
This procedure will require a bit of more time and patience in order to reach the result, but if you want to have a healthy, smooth and oil-free skin, I suggest you buy some time to do it. Applying masks on a regular basis is crucial. Since clay is known to have a healing and cleansing effect on the skin, you can start with that. Basically all you need to do is apply a clay-based mask on your face- at least once a week- which will clean the pores and regulate the oil formation.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images