How to Shop Shoes for Wide Feet

Women may deal with numerous unpleasant changes after giving a birth and dealing with wide feet are among them. This will lead to a great difficulty in getting ideal shoes for your feet. Find the best ways to shop shoes for wide feet, and the most essential tips, which will make you look glamorous and feel comfortable at the same time.

How to Shop Shoes for Wide Feet

1. Carry out a Wide Selection of Shoes

When seeking for appropriate shoes for your wide feet, you should carry out a careful choice. If you have difficulties in finding the right shoes, never stick to ones which don’t fit your feet despite the fact that they are gorgeous.

2. Don’t Forget about Feet Measurment

No matter whether you know the size of your feet for sure or not, you should take the measure of your feet when shopping shoes. Otherwise, you will face pain and discomfort. Thus, you are advised to carry it out frequently in order to have the ideal size of your feet.

3. When Being Uncertain, Skip Shopping Shoes

When shopping shoes for wide feet, you had better consider one of the great tips and skip buying shoes when they don’t provide a perfect fit. Never rely on the idea that they will stretch later. You had better keep your money for another trendy pair.

4. Consider the Straps

When shopping shoes for wide feet, make sure there are no straps. In case they have straps, you will more likely to feel inconvenience. Consider the fabric of the straps and avoid the dainty types. In case you are prone to straps, look for ones made of leather. You may also opt for adjustable type of straps for extra comfort.

5. Opt for Right Leather Type

In case you feel a bit discomfort in the shoes but decide to purchase them, opt for a right leather type. Skip investing in patent leather shoes, as they have no tendency to stretch. Instead, stick to suede shoes. Synthetics may replace patent leather, as well.

6. Ignore Shoes with Pointy Toes

Though pointy shoes are very attractive and gorgeous, they aren’t your best friend in case of wide feet. When wearing pointy shoes, you will cause damage to your feet. Shoes with round toes are more recommendable.

7. Wear Shoes with Thick Heels

Stilettos should be replaced with stacked types of heels when your feet are wide in size. Shoes with thick heels provide much support to your feet. Otherwise, you will face pain when stepping.

8. Choose Proper Accents

Though straps are cute and attractive, they are not the best accents for your shoes. Choose other accents, which will balance the wideness of your feet. Seek for bow embellishments or opt for buckles, as they are among the stunning accents.

9. Never Rely on Stretching

If you feel inconvenience in the purchased shoes, you may still rely on shoe stretchers or opt for sprays but in case your shoes are made of leather. Ask a professional for help, and he will repair your shoes.

10. Be Reasonable as Feet Change Their Size

Pregnancy and extra weight will make your feet become wider. When standing on feet for a long time, you will again face this feet problem and make it even worse.
In case your feet are wide, you should consider all the details when shopping shoes and pay much attention to the type, making it fit the size of your feet.