How to Properly Store Winter Clothes

Well, the spring season has officially marked its arrival. That means that soon or late you’ll have to start packing your winter clothes to put them aside. No matter how excited you are to put away your winter clothes you still want to have them for the next winter. So to find out how to properly store winter clothes you might need to take a look at the information presented below.

How to Properly Store Winter Clothes

Make Sure All Your Stuff is in a perfectly Clean Condition

Ok girls this is one of the most important parts of the storing process. Thus before you rush to pack your clothes make sure all items are in a perfectly clean condition. The reason why this is so important is simply because insects are attracted to all kinds of scents including the scent of smoke, deodorant and even food. So to protect your clothes from insects and moths you need to machine wash or dry clean before you store them.


Remove Plastic from your Clothes Before you Rush to Store

Never store clothing with plastic bags. Plastic wrappings tend to clog the moisture letting the fabric to dry out and ruining its quality.

Opt for Plastic Bins

As we previously mentioned plastic bags aren’t recommended for delicate fashion items you can still use plastic bins to store jeans, wool sweaters and even polyester. Note that while packing clothes in plastic bins you have to leave some free space in order to let the fabric breathe.

Be Extremely Careful with Delicates

Delicate items require special care. To boost protection of delicate pieces we suggest removing the plastic wrap that they have on wrapping them with acid free tissues using 100% cotton bags to store them.

Avoid Hanging your Sweaters

We know that it makes easier to find them but hanging your sweaters can cause some serious damages. What you can instead is fold them and store them in plastic bins. However even in this case you have to make sure you let the fabric breathe, otherwise you might end up with completely ruined clothes next winter.

Some Coats Need Extra Care

The first thing that we do once we get home is hang our coat. However according to our reliable sources some coats should be folded and stored rather than hanged. If you want to put them away until next winter then, first of all you have to empty the pockets then fold carefully and place them in plastic bin or a storage bag.

Natural Fur Must Be Hanged

Fur coats must be hanged on hangers that have wide shoulders, preferably wooden hangers. Now if you’re about to store natural fur for next winter you might go for a professional storing. Natural fur needs to be stored under specific circumstances otherwise it will lose its well-polished look. So you have to be extremely careful with natural fur.

Ensure the Provision of All Needed Storing Conditions

You don’t want you storage place to be too dark, too hot or damp. So before you get it started with the packing process you need to check and see that you have the required storing conditions. This means that you have to stick with the ”recipe” of cool clean and dry.

Know How to Store your Boots

The last thing that you want is too see your favorite pair of boots completely ruined. So to keep you away from such unpleasant experience we suggest using boot forms to store your boots. Also you can use a cotton piece to cover them in order to protect them from scratches.

Use Tissue Papers to Pack your Shoes

If you have to pack pointed toes or ankle boots then you might need to use a tissue paper in order to maintain their shape. Note that cleaning your shoes and prepping with the needed products wouldn’t bother either.