How to Prevent Premature Wrinkles in Your 20s

Wrinkles are on the list of the most common age-related beauty issues that a woman can face. So wrinkles are definitely not what you expect to have in your 20’s. Well believe it or not there are some external factors that can lead to the appearance of premature wrinkles in your 20’s. To help you deal with that we hurried to experts of the field for a piece of advice. So here’s what they told us.

How to Prevent Premature Wrinkles in Your 20s

Always Provide Full Coverage

As we’ve already mentioned certain external factors tend to cause premature wrinkles. That is why it very important to provide full coverage. We have to mention that sun exposure is mainly associated with the appearance of premature wrinkles. So SPF is what you need in order to protect your skin from the damage that UV rays can cause.

It is Important to Distinguish the Lines from the Wrinkles

Fine lines differ from wrinkles. Fine lines witness of thick epidermis and dehydration. Wrinkles on the other hand are deeper and can be static or dynamic. Dynamic wrinkles are linked to facial muscles are they appear due to the constant movement of them. Although they’re not permanent they might get deeper by the time.

The Essential Role of the Right Regimen

It is necessary to adjust the right regimen. According to dermatologist a right skin care regimen includes and intense cleanse, the use of BB cream with SPF over 50 as well as a skin serum of a high quality.

Hydration is a Must

The best ways to prevent or minimize the appearance of premature wrinkles are hydration and exfoliation. Note that topical treatments are the best in this case.

A Lot Depends on Your Skin Tone

Pale skinned people have a more sensitive skin. So risks of getting premature wrinkles are higher for fair skinned people. Experts claim that this is related with the low amount of melanin in the skin, as melanin provides sun protection.

Wrinkles Can Be Reduced

Glycolic and Retinol can help you to get rid of those annoying lines that ruin your look. Also the use of facial oils can easily lead to the desired results.

Injectables Can Help

Injectables can help to prevent the transformation of dynamic wrinkles to static wrinkles. However it is important to get small quantities of injectables, as you don’t want to get an artificial ”frozen” look while you’re at your 20’s.


Retinol treatments help to increase collagen production while decreasing collagen breakdown. Also you should consider taking antioxidants and providing a large amount of Vitamin C as both work great when it comes to preventing premature wrinkles.