How to Enhance Lips

Ok girls let’s admit that we all want to have kissable plump lips. However not all of us were lucky enough to have naturally full lips. Of course there’s no reason to blame it all to your genetics as there are some easy beauty hacks that seem to be very promising when it comes to creating the illusion of having fuller lips. To find out what’s that all about, just follow reading our tips on how to enhance lips easily!

How to Enhance Lips

One of the best ways to accentuate the shape of your lips making them appear fuller than they actually are is by using a lip liner. We have to mention that we owe this beauty trick to the beauty trends of the spectacular 90’s. Today we see that the trend of wearing lip liners has marked its big comeback. However it is noticeable that an updated version of the look is suggested by our beloved stylists.

Before you rush to wear the look check out to see what steps you have to follow to enhance your lips properly.

Prep Your Lips

Ok girls to achieve the desired effects, first of all you need to prep your lips for the entire process. So start the procedure with exfoliation. There are many ways to exfoliate your lips. You can either use a lip scrub or simply rub your toothbrush on the surface using a small amount of water. If you don’t want to buy a scrub then you might consider making a DIY scrub using natural ingredients. For example you can mix together equal amounts of sugar and olive oil and rub on the needed surface. Another way to exfoliate your lips assumes applying a little bit of Vaseline and rubbing it on using a toothbrush. Note that you shouldn’t use your regular toothbrush but opt for a new one exclusively for your lips otherwise you might end up with irritated or infected lips. Once you exfoliate follow moisturizing by using a lip balm or honey.

Choose the Right Color of Lip Liner

Don’t be afraid to experiment with all kind colors and formulas in order to find what works for you. Also keep in mind that to choose the best lip liner you have to consider your skin tone. Anyways, on the list of the most versatile and recommended colors appear to be red, wine and nude colors of lip liner. Red is recommended for bright berry hues while wine is great for plum and raspberry. Nude tones on the other hand, will perfectly complement pink tones.

The golden rule of using lip liner is using a lip liner that’s a tone lighter than the one of your lipstick. Also keep in mind that after outlining your lips you also need to fill in otherwise you won’t get the desired results.

Learn to Overdraw your Lips

These are the necessary makeup tools for this beauty hack: concealer, powder, lip-gloss matte lipstick and lip liner.

Once you’ve collected the needed makeup products start working on the look. Thus begin by highlighting the periphery around your lips with the concealer and follow dabbing a bit of translucent powder on in order to avoid a creamy look. On the next step apply lip liner on the perimeter of your lips and fill in. Once you’ve done that apply a matte lipstick and finish off with a translucent lip-gloss. That’s all! Give it a try and see how you like the results!