How to Care for the Skin Around the Eyes at Different Ages

Our skin should be treated at any age. It is delicate and soft, making us take care of it in a proper way, especially when getting to your 20s and 40s. To fight against ‘crow’s feet’ and prevent your skin from getting wrinkled, you had better care for the skin around the eyes properly at different ages.

Never ignore the importance of nutrient-rich foods, plenty of water and of course enough sleep. Facial creams and masks with nourishing features are of great importance, too.

How to Care for the Skin Around the Eyes at Different Ages

1.  No matter whether you are in your 20s or 40s, it’s essential to care for the skin around the eyes in order not to have problems later. When being at the age of 20, your skin produces much collagen and keeps its elasticity. However, your skin is exposed to sun rays at different ages, which may lead to aging and unpleasant spots on your face. Cleansing procedures are great for sebaceous glands and diminish the pores, while the skin around your eyes becomes dry, causing wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, you are recommended applying facial creams, high in SPF, as well as reaching for ones rich in hyaluronic acids.

2.  At the age of 30, there is a less production of collagen in your skin and it lacks moisture, giving rise to dark circles and bags under your eyes. You will also notice wrinkles around the eyes. Caring for your skin becomes a must. Eye creams should be applied twice a day. Make sure they are high in Vitamin C as well as green tea extract. Look for creams rich in antioxidants or caffeine. These ingredients will fight against swelling and brings elasticity to your skin. If you want the eye cream to be more effective, carry out massages with the help of patting motions. In this way, your skin will get the desired glow. You had better opt for creams having a roller applicator, as they are great for massages. Serums are also fabulous to care for the skin around the eyes at the age of 30, as they are packed with essential ingredients. Serums should be applied before you reach for your regular eye cream. They help you get rid of the tired skin around the eyes, enhancing the absorption of essential ingredients, high in creams.

3.  The skin care around your eyes at the age of 40 is quite different. To fight against aging, you should reach for retinol, as it’s packed with regenerative features and boost your skin sensitivity. Thus, you had better apply retinol-high eye creams before sleeping. While creams rich in SPF and packed with hyaluronic acids are recommended for daytime application. For quick results, you are advised to use special masks, as they may be compared with Botox injection.

4.  When getting at the age of 50, your skin starts drying even more and there is a need of special caring methods with peptides, as they are ideal for cell regeneration. When seeking for an eye cream in your 50s, you had better stick to one high in polypeptides or packed with acetyl hexapeptide -3. Don’t ignore the application of masks and serums. Massages and salon treatments are among the best methods of caring for the skin around the eyes.

Thus, we should sum up that caring for the skin around the eyes is a must for women, looking for an ethereal beauty at different ages.