How to Add Volume To Your Hair

We all dream about having long, thick hair with a lot of volume like we see on the cover of fashion magazines or on TV. However if you look up on the web you’ll see that most articles devoted to the topic include styling tips and special offers of certain hair products. Well that’s not the only way to achieve the perfect hair as there are also some other beauty techniques that seem to have guaranteed results. So read on to find out more about these easy beauty techniques on how to add volume to your hair!

How to Add Volume To Your Hair

Special Hair Care Procedure

First of all you have to stick with a special hair care procedure to ensure you have healthy hair. Damaged and dry hair won’t have the needed amount of volume even if you spend hours in front of the mirror. So the very first thing that you have to add to your hair care plan is an appointment at the beauty salon for every 6-8 weeks for a trim. Also you might need to reconsider your diet as some of your favorite foods might be on the list of the foods that must be avoided due to their side effects. Drink lots of waters to keep your body in a well-hydrated condition and include lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily menu. A healthy diet will help you to improve the condition of your hair follicles aiding the growth of your hair.

Do not over-wash your hair as that way you’ll boost oil production and end up having oily hair. Instead wash your hair every 2-3 days using a dry shampoo in between. Note that conditioning plays an important role when it comes to taking care of your hair. So opt for formulas that include air protectant minerals prevent your hair from getting damaged. Avoid heat whenever possible and let your hair air dry. Wear simple buns or high ponytails every once in a while and let your hair rest from all kind of styling products.

Styling Tips for Voluminous Hair

Ok if you want to create the illusion of having voluminous hair then you definitely need to stick with certain haircuts. For example you can wear a blunt fringe with some mid-length layering to achieve the desired effects. Also short and bob cuts work great when it comes to adding some volume to the hair. So ask your stylist which one works the best with your face shape and wear a trendy hairstyle that will make your hair look bouncier. Note that curly styles are among the best choices when it comes to adding volume to the hair. Wavy hair is another option that you can consider sticking with. Besides wavy look does not require heat-styling as all you have to do is braid your hair when it’s damp and let it set overnight.

Last but not least there are some great hair products including volume enhancing shampoos and conditioners especially designed to add some volume to the hair. So think about using such products to improve the quality of your hair.