How Much Money Fashion Bloggers Can Earn

People are generally interested in the amount of money celebrities as well as fashion bloggers can earn. We will definitely get amazed and feel jealous after finding out the number of dollars the famous fashion bloggers get. If you are really interested in it, read on this post and get acquainted with the best fashion bloggers, who gain much money.

How Much Money Fashion Bloggers Can Earn

1. Aimee Song


Being super famous among numerous Instagrammersand followers of Facebook, Aimee Song earns money by cooperating with world-famous brands. Gucci and Valentino are among the gorgeous brands worth mentioning.


2. Leandra Medine


One of the fashion bloggers LeandraMedine gets her income by becoming a partner with such world-famous brands as Michael Kors and Gucci. She also collaborates with the famous shoe brands like Superga and Del Toro. She also earns much money from the jewelry collection of Dannijo.

Leandra Medine

3. Rachel Parcell


Being at the age of 24, Rachel Parcell, is one of the fashion bloggers who earn approximately 1$ million. She is in a close connection with such famous brands like J Crew as well as Tresseme. She is also a partner with essential organizations, which become her source of income.

Rachel Parcell

4. Jessica Stein


The fashion blogger with an Austrian origin, affiliates with famous programs gets much money. Owning a splendid site and offering her unique collection for sale, Jessica Stein manages to get much of her income. We should also name Farfetchas well as The Outnet as a source of her income.

Jessica Stein

5. Bryan Grey-Yamboo


Earning money from various areas, Bryan Grey-Yambooconsiders that the main source of his income is ads inthe sites, due to which his income is calculated up to $40,000. He also gets bucks by partnering with the Marc Jacobs BB bag brand.

Bryan Grey-Yamboo

6. Julie Sarinana


Lovers+ Friends as well as Nordstrom and Macy stores are among the profitable projects, which provide Julia Sarinana with much money. French Connection and Havaianas are also the brands, Julie collaborates with.

Julie Sarinana

7. Tina Craig&Kelly Cook

These fashion bloggers could earn approximately $1 million last year due to the close collaboration with such screaming brands as Tod and Valentino. Oscar de la Rentahandbag brand is also responsible for Tina Craig and Kelly Cook’s great income.

We hope, we managed to satisfy your interest and became useful with the information on how much money fashion bloggers can earn.

Tina Craig&Kelly Cook