HEMPZ Introduces Golden Beach Sun Collection

The premium botanical skincare brand HEMPZ introduces a new collection of tan enhancers to perfect your summer glow with the HEMPZ Golden Beach Sun Collection. “Golden Beach combines dark tanning enhancers, skin conditioning natural extracts and vitamins & minerals to help protect, moisturize and condition for a natural tan glow,” says the brand’s collection description.

The HEMPZ Golden Beach Sun Collection includes four new moisturizers:

Tan Maximizer
“Dark Tanning Enhancers coupled with skin conditioning Golden Honey Extract provide intense tan acceleration and nourishing skin care.”

Natural Bronzer
“Natural Bronzing Extracts create a light streak-free, self-tanning glow after UV exposure that enhance, complement and blend with a natural tan.”

2x Bronzer
“2x Dual Bronzers combine DHA and Natural Bronzing Extracts to create a medium, streak-free, self-tanning glow after UV exposure.”

4x Bronzer
“4x Quadruple Bronzing Complex of Black Walnut Shell, Caramel, Henna and DHA creates a dark, streak-free, self-tanning glow after UV exposure.”

The beneficial natural ingredients in the Golden Beach products include hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil extract, vanilla bean extract, shea butter, carob, sugarcane extract, aloe leaf juice, and vitamin A.

Get all the ingredient details at HEMPZ and locate where to buy the new Golden Beach Sun Collection products available now!

Photo credit: HEMPZ