Hair Care Tips for Every Season

It’s inevitable to escape from weather changes. They occur constantly; cold and chilly season replaces warm and sunny months, while rainy weather is substituted with snowy winter. These changes leave their influence on our clothes, diet as well as mood. Hair care is also exposed to changes depending on weather conditions. The way you take care of your tresses in winter varies from that in summer. One of the best hairstylists Davide Marinelli shared his hair care tips for every season. He taught us how to treat our tresses during four different seasons.

Hair Care Tips for Every Season

1.  Hair Care Tips for Winter

 Cold temperature and dry weather are the enemies of your hair. Chilly winter months cause dryness to your skin and make your hair suffer as well. Thus, to keep your locks in a perfect state and protect them from any damage, you are advised to apply less shampoo. You had better go for deep conditioning and use a hair mask.

Taking a shower, using lukewarm water in cold winter months hides the cuticle, which fights against bad environmental conditions. Having a humidifier in your room is a great tip to provide the air with moisture, which will keep your tresses hydrated, as well. Moisturizing hair masks are great to take care for your hair, as they will restore its glow and provide extra moisture.

2.  Hair Care Tips for Spring

Spring is the best time to go to the balcony and to be in the open air. Spring gives you a chance to restore and bring your hair to life. You may leave your tresses in a natural state and skip any styling. Stay away from styling tools and trim your tresses to look fresh and healthy. Blowouts are also a fabulous option to stick to in spring, as your hair will stay away from frizz.

3.  Hair Care Tips for Summer

You should be very careful in summer and take care of your hair properly. Sea salt and the dangerous sun rays may cause a real harm to your hair. Shift your winter products and opt for new ones, appropriate to summer.

Fight against heat with the help of dry shampoo and special sprays designed against humidity. When you go out in the sun, your hair will be exposed to damage. So you had better ignore styling tools, and go for haircuts, if you don’t want to end up with split ends.

Finally, be very attentive with your dyed or highlighted tresses, as they will be damaged from the UV rays. Use special shampoos and stick to conditioners, which are created to intensify color. Before blow-drying your hair, reach for products, which protect your hair from heat. To prevent the color of your hair from dying out, you may apply leave-in milk on your wet tresses.

When going to the pool, have a shower before getting into water to make your hair damp. Then apply thermal protector and get into the water. This hair care tip is like applying primer on your face. It will act as a barrier for salt and chlorine.               

4.  Hair Care Tips for Fall

Windy days of fall throw away not only the colorful leaves but your tresses, as well. With low temperature, you are obliged to provide your hair with extra hydration. You are advised to go for scalp cleansing as well as exfoliating your hair and scalp if your aim is to get healthy-looking tresses.

To refresh your hair in fall, you should reach for a clarifying shampoo. Scalp treatments are also among the hair care tips you should follow. Make sure your hair isn’t newly dyed before trying any of the scalp treatments.

Thus, never ignore weather changes when taking care of your hair. Consider that each season requires its unique way of hair care. Taking into account these hair care tips for every season, you will be proud of your healthy and glowy locks.


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