‘Good American’ Demin Line by Khloé Kardashian Now Available

It’s officially here. Khloé Kardashian has launched her new denim line “Good American” in collaboration with Emma Grede. The denim duo have created a denim collection that offers a new definition of sexy with available sizes from 0-24.

Kardashian shared the news of her launch on Facebook saying, “My Good American denim line is available NOW at GoodAmerican.com and at Nordstrom! This is all about loving yourself no matter what! 🙌👊 I can’t wait to see everyone in their jeans.”

In an interview with Nordstrom, Khloé said, “I’ve always thought there’s been something missing from the denim industry. Whenever I buy new jeans it’s hard for me to find a pair that fits my body type, and even when I do, I always need alterations. I knew if I’ve had this problem, there must be tons of other girls who do too.”

You can view and shop the whole “Good American” denim collection at Nordstrom or GoodAmerican.com