How to French-Braid Your Bangs

Braid appears to be a simple detail that can easily transform a boring look to an attractive one! In fact, considering that braided hairstyles are among the hottest trends of nowadays, we dare to say that it is the best time to show off a cute braided style! However, if you don’t have time or your hair isn’t long enough to try any of the gorgeous braided hairstyles, then we suggest you simply French-braid your bangs and show off a simple yet very trendy look! Now, if you don’t know how to French-braid your bangs, then simply follow our step-by-step guide and enjoy the results!

How to French-Braid Your Bangs

So, to achieve the desired result you need to start by creating a deep side part. On the next step follow gathering a small section of hair at the hairline and separating it into three sections. Once you’ve done that simply pull the front piece of the hair over the center and fold the back piece over the center that you’ve created on the first step. On the next step grab a section of hair from the front of your hairline, add it into the front piece of hair and simply fold it over the center part. Now, grab the back section and fold it over the center as well. Repeat this process and make sure you follow the hairline. Keep braiding until you’ll reach the point right above the ear. Once you get there simply tie the ends with a small elastic band and secure with bobby pins. Voila! You are ready to show off a cute and trendy French-braid!

One of the best things about French-braided bangs is that they can work the best with any hairstyle, whether you hair is down as usually, or you go for a ponytail or even a topknot! So, when feeling the need of spicing up a simple style, French-braided bangs definitely are an option worth trying!

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