Foods to Avoid Eating To Get a Flat Belly

Being indulged in workouts like planks or sit-ups, you will get a toned and flat belly for quite a long time. However, there are cases when you just need an extremely flat tummy to get into your body-hugging dress or you plan spending your weekend at the beach. When facing these problems, you should be aware of the foods that lead to bloating and stay away from them. Thus, have a look at the foods to avoid eating if you want to get a flat belly.  

Foods to Avoid Eating To Get a Flat Belly

1.  Stay away from Bananas and Apples

Apples and bananas are among the fruits high in fructose which are bad for the digestion process. Though they are healthy and rich in vitamins, they may give rise to bloating, so you had better stay away from them if your aim is get a flat belly.

2.  Stay away from Canned Soup

Canned soup is a cheap and marvelous method to feel warm in cold winter months. The disadvantage of this soup is that it’s rich in sodium, which makes your body hold water, leaving your belly with water balloon. You should either avoid this soup or opt for one which is deprived of water.    

3.  Stay away from Cruciferous Vegetables

Broccoli and cauliflower are among the cruciferous veggies which are high in raffinose. It’s a type of sugar which is difficulty digested by your body, giving rise to gas. Though these veggies are healthy and nutrition-rich, you should diminish their use and substitute them for spinach in a cooked form.  

4.  Stay away from Dairy

 You will end up with a full belly in case of using sugar-rich milk, as it’s not easily digested and may give rise to annoying gassiness. You are strictly recommended avoiding foamed milk because of lactose teamed with air bubbles. They cause discomfort and gas in your stomach, providing you with a flat belly.

5.  Stay away from Legumes

Baked beans are famous for their bloat-causing properties and are enlisted among the cruciferous veggies you should never stick to achieve a flat belly. They are packed with raffinose type of sugar, giving rise to gas. The same thing refers to the legumes. Thus, you had better ignore lentils and edamame. Peas are also among the legumes to avoid eating for a flat belly.  

6.  Stay away from Wheat

Wheat is among the foods which are not easily digested. When breaking down, this food produces gas, making your stomach tough and bloated. Refined carbs break down the insulin level as well as the fat, stored in your belly. In case of planning to wear a swimsuit, avoid eating wheat and reach for foods, which are free of gluten to make your belly look flat.   

7.  Stay away from Potatoes

Potatoes keep the water in your body and produce much gas. You should especially avoid eating potatoes in a fried form, as they won’t give you belly a chance of emptying. Potato is packed with sodium, which gives fullness to your tummy.   

If you wonder whether these foods will really aid you get a flat belly or not, just avoid eating them and you will be amazed with the result.