Finding The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

They say when women change their hair color they try to express their need for a change in their life. Well, we partially agree. Sometimes we just like experimenting with new hair colors. Also there are times when we just spot a color on our favorite celeb or a friend and feel inspired to go for big changes. Now to avoid ending up disappointed with the results you might need to consider your skin tone when choosing the hair color that you want to try out. Well here’s something that you might find helpful, when it comes to finding the best hair color for your skin tone.

Finding The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Determine your Skin Tone

The easiest way to determine your skin tone is by checking your veins. Thus if your veins are green then you have a warm undertone while if they look bluish you have a cool undertone. Now if it’s hard to define the color as it isn’t full green nor blue then you’re probably ”neutral’.

Consider the Color of Your Eyes

The color of your eyes also plays an essential role. For example if you have blue eyes copper tones are the best option for you. As for hazel eyes we have to say that it’s important to consider the variations of this specific eye color.

Hair Colors for Cool Tones

Cool tones look great with warmer hair colors. Among these appear to be colors such as orange red, golden blondes, honey almond browns, and chocolate brunette.

Best Choices for Warm Tones

For warm skin tones cooler hair colors appear to be the best choice. For example you could go for ashy browns, beige, champagne blond, dark reds including auburn and violet and even dark cool brunette colors.


For blondes we suggest going from gold babylights to silvery hues as the latter are very ”in” this season.


For brunettes on the other hand, cool chestnuts and icy-brown highlights would be just perfect. It is important to mention that brunettes with olive skin tone should avoid colors that match with their skin tone and go for contrasting hues.


Forget about bold vibrant reds for a while and try softer approaches of the color. For example strawberry blonde could be a great option for redheads.

The New Ombre

The so called ”Sombre” has become very popular lately. Maybe it’s because it’s a coloring style that perfectly flatters warm and cool skin tones. The new approach of the classic ombre will add extra dimension to your hair while perfectly complementing a natural look.


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