Find The Best Blush Colors For Your Skin Tone

With so many labels and tones available out there choosing the right blush color seems to be one of the hardest tasks. Now if you’re thinking to give up we would say that that’s not the best idea as blush is the best solution for a washed-out look. So what you really need to do is try to find one what works great for your skin tone. To help you with that we created a short guide to choosing the best blush color for your skin tone. So take a look!

Best Blush Colors For Your Skin Tone

Olive Skin Tone

Well if you were lucky enough to have olive skin tone then you won’t have a hard time to pick a color as most of the offered blush colors will work for you. Now according to stylists warm tones are the best for women with olive skin tones. Thus you can either go for oranges, apricots, bronzes, purples or plums and reddish browns.

Dark Skin

It turns out that the above mentioned blush colors work for darker skin tones as well. However you should try to go a little bit deeper in the hue. Note that if you happen to have a darker skin tone whites and muddy hues must be avoided. Also warmer tones of bronzers would work with your skin tone.

Medium Tones

For medium skin tones blush colors such as peachy, orange shades is a good idea. Also rose and berry-like colors would work great. For better results stick with a color that has fuchsia undertone to make the color pop out. Avoid grey tones and baby pinks in any case.

For Fair Skinned Ladies

Fair skinned women look just great with soft pinks. If you have pink undertones then you might stick with colors of the same color family. Also there’s another makeup trick that you can use to achieve the desired effects. What you need to do is grab a concealer and start applying it around the nose and laugh line area in order to emphasize the natural redness on your cheeks. Note that violet hues must be avoided in this case. Also dark bronzers aren’t recommended for fair skinned women.

Well now that you know the basics you’re expected to experiment with blush colors. So use your new makeup skills and create a flawless look that for once again will prove everyone your taste in fashion!


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