Essie Introduces the Wild Nudes Collection

Essie introduced the new “Wild Nudes” collection that will have you playing truth or bare at your next manicure appointment. Dare to bare your wild side with these new shades that are anything but neutral. They’re fierce, sexy and untamed.

“Welcome to the wild side! Here, it’s clothing optional,” Essie says. The Essie Wild Nudes Collection includes 9 new nail colors (left to right above):

Without A Stitch: disrobe, disarm and totally charm the pants off one and all in this natural clean light gray
Mooning: “accentuate your full, round… moon. this light shadowy blue with an undertone of black knows how to work it.”
Exposed: “strip down to nothing but this shade of mossy green with a slight white overcast and show the world your true colors.”
Truth Or Bare: “why choose? dare to wear this trusty light cinnamon brown with a hint of red, and you can do both.”
Clothing Optional: “skin is in. this sumptuous shade of lighter sienna brown is all the fashion you need.”
Winning Streak: “it’s no sin to win. this shade of dark purple with a grayish tone loves to get your streak on.”
Skinny Dip: “take the plunge in this light peach pink with a slight hint of black. nude is so very nice.”
Bare With Me: “let’s get naked. you’ve got nothing to lose but your inhibitions in this an apricot tone with a gray cast.”
Wild Nude: “this shade of light tan with a wash of white is anything but neutral.”