Essie Debuts 2018 Desert Mirage Collection

Essie debuts new 2018 Desert Mirage Collection with six new shades. “When the sun goes down in the desert let it glow” says Essie, and get lost in the desert aura.

“Fom the hazy daze to the blue-tiful horizon sunsets. Let us lighten the mood and show you all of the desert’s optical illusions. You will start seeing stars. So join us on this adventure,” says the Essie collection description.

The 6 shades of Essie’s 2018 Desert Mirage Collection are:

Seeing-stars: “get mesmerized in this mahogany brown sparkling with golden shimmer.”
Less-Is-Aura: “get ready to beam in this warm terra cotta beige with a hint of baked putty.”
Hazy-Daze: “see straight in a rich byzantine purple glazed with warming clay tones.”
Blue-tiful Horizon: “see the sun set (and rise) in a cerulean blue glowing with amber shimmer.”
Let-It-Glow: “get deserted in a fiery coral glistening with copper shimmer.”
Lighten-the-Mood: “relax, party and chill. this relaxing ivory white dusted with sienna undertones instantly has you feeling some sort of way.”

View this whole captivating collection with great seasonal transition shades at Essie, and find the nearest location to purchase.