How to Emphasize Your Best Facial Features

Nobody has an ideal face. There are features, which are worth highlighting and ones, which should be concealed. Thanks to the makeup, you are able to emphasize your best facial features. If you desire to define your eyes and diminish your nose, here are effective methods on how to achieve your goal.

How to Emphasize Your Best Facial Features

Eye Emphasizing

You may easily create a dramatic eye makeup, without taking into account your eyes form and size. To make your eyes emphasized, apply a tight line on your top lash line with an eye pencil or gel liner in black. Apply it along your waterline, as well, to highlight your eyes. To enlarge and brighten your eyes, go for glittery highlighter or opt for shadow on the internal part of your eyes, near the tear ducts. For a complete finish, use mascara.

Nose Downplaying

While emphasizing your best facial features, you would like to conceal the size of your nose. Right contouring will help you achieve a slim and small nose. Just apply highlighter on your nose bridge, creating a thin line. Alternatively, go for concealer, choosing a lighter tone, compared with your skin color and mix properly. Applying a bit darker-toned powder on your nose sides is also a fantastic idea for nose downplaying.

Lip Emphasizing

Lips are among the best facial features, worth emphasizing. To get fuller looking lips, you should just apply glittery highlighter on the cupid’s bow.

Forehead Downplaying

If you desire to hide your wide forehead or make it look narrower, you should go for hairline contouring. Opt for a hue or two deeper, compared with your foundation and apply it along your hairline. After blending, you will get a smaller looking forehead.

Cheekbones Emphasizing

To define your cheekbones and make them look sharper, opt for a contouring powder or go for cream in a matte tone. After applying the product, go for blush blending, stretching up to the temple and finishing with highlighter overhead your blush. This method will emphasize your cheekbones naturally.

Consider these essential makeup tricks, if you want to emphasize your best facial features.

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