Easy Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Bigger

It’s not disputable that big eyes are attraction-grasping. If you aren’t born with big eyes, you may reach for several makeup tips and make your eyes visually bigger. When preparing for a great event, you think about wearing fabulous gowns and accessories, as well as spicing up your look with amazing makeup. You have probably tried all the makeup tricks to make your eyes bigger. You apply liner, mascara as well as shadow on your eyes, thus do all your best to enlarge and brighten your eyes.

Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Bigger

1.  Wear Right Color of Eyeshadow

To accentuate your eyes, you should opt for a right color of shadow, considering the color of your eyes, as well. In case your eyes are in a blue shade, experiment with metallic tones, as well as glittery champagne and beige. Peachy tones are also a great option for blue-toned eyes. In case of brown-toned eyes, opt for bronze and pink, as well as green and blue shades. Green-eyed women will be able to make their eyes bigger with the help of reddish-brown, pink and yellowish-brown shadows. Hazel-toned eyes should wear grey, deep pink, as well as burgundy and rust tones.

2.  Right Choice of Eyeshadow Brush

When applying your shadow, you will have to reach for an eyeshadow brush. The options are numerable, so you should make a right choice. The best option is the tiny, flat and dense type of shadow brush.  

3.  Right Color of Eyeliner

The eyeliner shades are quite various and choosing the right tone depends on the impression you would like to create. Consider whether you opt for a smoky eye makeup or a natural look. To try a smoky eye makeup, go for kohl liner and smudge it over your eyes. It is also very soft to spread along your waterline without causing irritation to your eyes. Grasp a glittery black shadow and apply it on the outer part of your eye, stretching a bit to create a wing. Spread it under your lower eyelid, as well. Opt for the glittery deep grey shadow and apply it along the crease, blending perfectly with the black shadow. Use kohl eyeliner along your bottom waterline and the top lash line.

To create a natural look, grasp brown-toned eyeliner to make the lines subtler and your eyes larger. You may also apply yellowish-brown or peachy tones for bigger eyes. For a more daring look, reach for eyeliner in a metallic shade. White-toned eyeliner will provide you with a jovial look, enlarging your eyes, as well.       

4.  Apply Primer

To keep your eyeshadow from creasing, spread primer on your eyelids before wearing your shadow.

5.  Reach for Lash Curlers

Eyelash curlers give your eyes a vivacious look and create an image of larger eyes.

6.  Apply Mascara

Finish your astounding look by applying mascara, making your lashes look long and dense.

7.  Brow Grooming

Brow grooming is an essential makeup trick to make your eyes look bigger. The overall look will be spoiled if you don’t shape your brows professionally and leave them unruly.

Thus, to emphasize the beauty of your eyes and give them a new look, opt for these easy makeup tips. Don’t be afraid of practicing in case you have free time at your disposal.


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