Dyeing Your Hair with Beets? It’s Possible!

Beets are among the tasty vegetables, which may be used to prepare fantastic smoothies. Probably, you have never considered its beauty uses. You may easily apply beets as an amazing hair dye, making it become red without the need of using dangerous chemicals. To be convinced in its truth, you may taste beets on the hands and you will see the tint they leave. You will definitely achieve the same with your tresses. Besides being an astonishing hair dye, beets are a great antioxidant, combating aging and preventing free radicals.
If you aimed to achieve raven tresses and experimented with various chemicals and dying products, but the result wasn’t satisfying, you had better forget about it and give a try to screaming beets to get an amazing red hair color. Compared with dyes, this veggie is easily removed from the sink, which is a great advantage to take into consideration.

Dyeing Your Hair with Beets? It's Possible
Beets have a protecting feature, which refers to the flexibility of your skin. They have a power to diminish inflammation and fight against the dangerous sun rays. Being packed with potassium and healthy vitamins (A, C, K), beets may provide nutrition both to your hair and body, enhancing your stunning beauty. This vegetable is also high in protein, which is undoubtedly fabulous for your skin.
Besides using beets in the cookies and enjoying cheese with them, you may apply its beneficial qualities on your hair, as well. Go for a beet rinse and fight against itchiness as well as dandruff, getting rid of dead cells. This rinse is crucial for your hair and scalp due to the numerous vitamins.
Thus, it’s quite possible to dye your hair with beets and get a short-term auburn shine.

1. Treat Your Scalp with Beet

Combining the juice of beet with a ground ginger will provide your hair with extra glow. You will boost the shine of your tresses in case you opt for olive oil with its moisture-enhancing feature. For this fantastic hair treatment, take the juice of beets (2) mix it with ground ginger (1 tablespoon) and reach for olive oil (2 teaspoons). Apply this mixture on your hair as well as scalp and go for massaging. Apply this treatment on all your tresses and wash it off in 10 minutes.

2. Rinse Your Hair with Beet

To give your tresses a red hue, you are advised to wash your hair with beets. You should just reach for the juice of beets (1 cup), rose water (1/2 cup), and add black tea (1/2 cup). The latter is beneficial for the scalp, as it’s high in antioxidant.
Change your mind and skip applying chemicals to dye your hair, as there are beneficial veggies, called beets, which may give your tresses the desired hair color without spoiling their quality.