Dos and Dont’s For Transitional Dressing

We are all too excited about the arrival of the so-expected spring season. This is the time of the year when you finally get to throw away dark colored fashion items and bring the colors on! As you know transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring isn’t one of the easiest things to do. The main concern is whether you should pack away all your warm clothes or keep some in your wardrobe just in case. Well as always here we are to help with anything you need. So have a look on our list of the dos and the dont’s for transitional dressing and see what you have to keep and what to store.

Transitional Dressing


Have a Raincoat in your Wardrobe

Unstable temperature is very characteristic of spring season. So it is necessary to have a raincoat in your wardrobe for those annoying rainy days.

Wear Rain Boots

Not only because they’re very ”in” this season, but also because the weather allows you to do so. Rush to the stores to find the perfect pair or if you already have rain boots start planning your daily looks.

Go for Layered Looks

Again, the temperature may radically change during the day. So you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in a warm sweater neither you want to catch a cold. What’s the best solution? Of course wearing a layered look! Layering not only will keep you warm for the entire day but also help your to create a stylish relaxed look! So why not go for it?

Go for Vibrant Colors

As we already noted spring season is when you can go for colorful combos and be reasonable. So switch your blacks and grays for brighter hues and show up wearing colors that scream positivity!

Stick with a Pair of Cute Sunglasses

Well one of the best things of spring season is that the weather is mainly sunny. So it’s the best time to start accessorizing your looks with cute and trendy sunglasses.

Change your Makeup Routine

Note that you also have to switch your makeup routine adjusting it to the requirements of this season’s beauty trends. So it is time to put away dark tones and go for brighter and softer hues. For example you can switch grey eyeshadow colors for golden and brown ones as well as start using pink or orange lip colors instead of dark red and burgundy.

Experiment with New Nail Colors

Or just stick with the classic pastel colors! The key to a flawless spring season inspired look lies on choosing the right colors. So the girlier are the colors you use for a look the better the results will be.

Experiment with Different Prints

It’s all about experimenting with different prints! So don’t be afraid to mix and match to find the best combo for your style preferences.


Do Not Weat Fur

Furry clothes have been designed to keep us warm during the cold days of winter season. So you’ll look weird if you stick with a furry item in the spring season.

Avoid Showing Too Much Skin

Showing too much skin seems running a risk of ending up feeling ill. Besides no matter how great the weather is outside if you appear showing too much skin you’ll look kind of ridiculous.