Discover Essie Fall 2018 Collection

Discover Essie Fall 2018, a collection of 2 new shades of nail polish that will have you “Fall for NYC.” With the refreshing autumn energy of this bold palette of shades, you’ll fall faster than a NY minute.

The Essie Fall 2018 includes six shades:

It Takes A West Village: “a light mauve purple nail polish banded with subtle gray tones (cream)”
Stop, Drop & Shop: “a metropolitan mulberry red nail polish (cream)”
Booties On Broadway: “a dark navy blue nail polish (cream)”
Fall For NYC: “a mustard yellow nail polish with marigold highlights (cream)”
Say It Ain’t Soho: “a metallic copper nail polish dripping in crisp amber tones (metallic)”
Empire Shade of Mind: “an asphalt metallic silver nail polish (metallic)”

Essie has absolutely nailed the names of the shades in this collection. “If these city slicking nail polishes can make it here, you can take them anywhere,” from Essie.

View the whole Fall 2018 Collection at Essie and find where to purchase.