Daytime Makeup Rules To Follow

Daytime makeup application demands much care and attention. Every woman carries it out to hide imperfections and create an awake look at work or at a party. However, opting for wrong shades or products will give the reverse effect, giving you a coarse and an exhausted look. To make you embrace a gorgeous appearance, we asked an expert makeup artist to share the best daytime makeup rules worth following.

Daytime Makeup Rules To Follow

1.  Never Forget about Sunscreen

 Skin protection is one of the most important rules to follow when wearing a daytime makeup. Applying products high in SPF is a crucial step for skin protection. There are women who prefer avoiding this makeup rule but there exist other methods to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays sins applying heavy-textured sunscreens. You may stick to moisture-enhancing products rich in SPF or opt for foundations in a liquid formula and packed with sunscreen. You may also give a place to a powder type of sunscreen, which is applied without any difficulty and doesn’t spoil your daytime makeup.

2.  Skip Applying Deep-Toned Eyeliners

Daytime makeup is applied to make your eyes stand out but deep-toned eyeliners are too harsh. To define and highlight your eyes, you had better stick to bright toned shadows with glitter. Your eyes will get a gorgeous touch if you team your shadow with black mascara. Experiment with cream-based shadows, which appear in pink or violet, as well as peach colors.   

3.  Stick to Bright-Toned Lipsticks

You are not obliged to wear translucent lipstick or a lip gloss when wearing a daytime makeup. Applying bright-toned and cream-based lipsticks is one of the rules to strictly follow. It will revive your overall look and provide you with an outstanding vibe. The creamy formula is an ideal choice for touchups, which is more preferable than the matte one. You are recommended avoiding lip liner and instead sticking to the lipstick. Use your fingers to blend the product and achieve an ideal daytime makeup.  

4.  Skip Applying False Lashes

You will have to disappoint you, if you are prone to wearing false lashes. One of the daytime makeup rules requires staying away from false lashes, as they have an overpowering effect. You are suggested lash curling and applying volume-enhancing and lengthening mascaras. To define your eyes and make them stand out, false lashes may be substituted for lash extensions.   

5.  Skip Highlighting and Contouring

Follow another essential makeup rule for daytime and avoid heavy highlighter and stick to soft bronzer to achieve a fabulous glow and make your features pop. Contour your cheekbones in a subtle way and apply glitter and cream-based highlighter overhead the cheekbone. Consider that it’s not a great idea to apply powder.  

The daytime makeup rules are countless, but we have tried to sum up the best ones to follow. Give them a try and you won’t regret.


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