Contouring and Highlighting Tips for Perfect Makeup Looks

It is not a novelty that contouring and highlighting is one of the most popular makeup techniques nowadays. It fact, the popularity of the mentioned makeup technique isn’t by chance, as the results which it leads to are simply perfect! So, there is no better time for you to give a try to the amazing techniques of contouring and highlighting. Learn the basic contouring and highlighting tips for the perfect makeup looks ever!

Contouring and Highlighting Tips for Perfect Makeup Looks

Now, before you start taking notes about the most important steps for a perfect contouring and highlighting, you need to make sure you work with the required makeup products as a small mistake and the whole look can be ruined. So, before you start following the steps for a perfect contouring and highlighting make sure you are about to use makeup products of high quality. Also, another important thing that we have to ”warn” you about is that contouring isn’t for everyday makeup but for special occasion makeup, so avoid using this technique on a daily basis.

Contouring and Highlighting Tips: Moisturizer, Primer and Highlighting

Of course, the better you prepare your skin before the whole contouring and the highlighting, the better are the expected results. So, start by moisturizing your skin properly, follow applying your primer. Once you’ve done that go ahead and apply a light highlighter on the bridge of your nose, under eye and chin area. On the next step, simply make sure you’ve highlighted all the areas that naturally are illuminated.

Contouring and Highlighting Tips: Contouring

For the perfect contouring apply a specific dark tone contouring foundation underneath the cheekbones, the jawline, down the sides of nose, and on the outside corner of your eyes. You can say that you’re done with this step once you’ve reached the perfect contrast of the emphasized and covered parts of your face.

Contouring and Highlighting Tips for Perfect Makeup Looks

Contouring and Highlighting Tips: Blending

Of course, after all comes the exciting part of blending! Thus, grab your brush and foundation and start blending in circular motions in order to easily achieve the desired results. Once you’ve done that simply add the perfect finish touch by setting the look with powder.  Also, for better results we suggest you to follow adding some extra touch ups by applying a lighter color powder on areas such as underneath the eye area, forehead and chin area. And of course, finish the look by applying a bit of bronzer on the areas where you’ve done the whole contouring.

Once you’ve finished the whole contouring and highlighting complete the look with the perfect eye and lip makeup and enjoy the results!

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