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  • New Sheer Wisdom Collection from butter LONDON

    butter LONDON released a new cosmetic collection “Sheer Wisdom” which holds the keys to an all natural makeup look.   Sheer Wisdom™ Lush Lip Oil “is a treatment masked in beauty that instantly melts for a pampered pout. Uniquely crafted with a smart fusion of ingredients including Tahitian Coconut Oil, Chia Seed Oil and a […]

  • Will You Have The Same Lip Shape After Lip Fillers Break Down

    Will You Have The Same Lip Shape After Lip Fillers Break Down?

    The 21st century beauty standards are way too far from what we used to see in movies back in the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s, and while petite women with delicate facial features used to appeal to most of the men in the past, now, it’s all about leggy legs, perfectly sculpted slim figure with sexy […]

  • M·A·C Cosmetics Shares Halloween Space Squad Tutorials!

    Don’t waste another minute thinking deciding on your Halloween costume because M·A·C Cosmetics has your solution! Known for their super glam, and elaborate Halloween makeup, the M·A·C Halloween Space Squad is now sharing their makeup tutorials. A group of six ridiculously talented M·A·C artists have created six “totally transformative looks, including Alien Queen,Galactic Ghoul, Space Vampire, Celestial […]

  • New Long-Wear Liquid Liner from Bobbi Brown

    Bobbi Brown cosmetics released the new graphic eye Long-Wear Liquid Liner for the statement-making graphic eye. “High-impact and high-intensity—this brush-tip liner delivers bold color payoff and a chrome finish for graphic, runway-inspired liner looks. The all-new formula dries to an indelible, flexible finish and lasts 12 hours without flaking or fading,” according to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. […]

  • MAC Cosmetics in Berlin Fashion Week Spring 2017

    MAC Cosmetics announced their backstage experience from the upcoming Berlin Fashion week in Spring 2017. In a Facebook post, MAC Cosmetics shared, “Berlin Fashion Week is pushing fashion forward for Spring 2017 — watch the future unfold with us! Stay with M·A·C as we bring you the looks from the can’t-miss shows of next season.” […]

  • Should You Sleep In Makeup Like Kim Kardashian?

    Should You Sleep In Makeup Like Kim Kardashian?

    We have always heard and read that removing makeup before going to bed is number one golden makeup rule to follow if you want to avoid skin irritation or any other problems you may face. First it’s really uncomfortable to sleep in makeup, as you stain your pillow covers and then wake up with a […]

  • New Vibe Tribe Collection from M•A•C Cosmetics

    Keep your festival, free-spirit alive with the new Vibe Tribe Collection from M•A•C Cosmetics. “Sound and self-expression converge in the vast canvas of the desert. Lose control and imagine yourself in lips painted reckless shades of red and coral, or a flash of gold,” – M•A•C Cosmetics The M•A•C Cosmetics Vibe Tribe Collection includes: 2 Eye Shadow X […]

  • Givenchy Les Saisons Summer 2016 Collection

    Givenchy Les Saisons Summer 2016 Collection

    You might look at the images of Givenchy Les Saisons Summer 2016 Collection and wonder where all the makeup is. They do use the makeup in the ads, don’t they? Well, of course they do! Only Les Saisons Summer 2016 Collection has a heavy focus on natural-looking products that give you a perfect complexion, without […]

  • Precious Summer Beauty Tips for a Fresh Look

    Precious Summer Beauty Tips for a Fresh Look

    As we all know with the change of the seasons we have to make some updates in our beauty and makeup routine. However things get even more serious when we are speaking about the arrival of summer season and the risks that it comes with. From skin care routine to beauty regime here are the […]

  • Your Questions about Makeup Primers Answered

    Your Questions about Makeup Primers Answered

    When thinking about must-have makeup products, primer occupies the first place. It gives longevity to your makeup and provides a gorgeous touch to your skin. However, not all women dare to try this product, as there are numerous questions bothering them.To help you fight against your fear, we will provide you with the answers to […]

  • Makeup Hacks To Keep Eyeliner In Place All Day Long

    Makeup Hacks To Keep Eyeliner In Place All Day Long

    Eyeliner seems to be the best makeup product when it comes to adding a touch of drama to a makeup look. In fact the classiest makeup styles assume wearing eyeliner. So it is not accidental that this makeup product is very popular among beauty experts. However considering that eyeliner may run and ruin a look, […]

  • Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine Revealed

    Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Routine Revealed!

    As you know the Kardashian sisters have brought a whole new beauty ideal to the fashion world. Their exotic look and flawless beauty have changed all beauty standards. This time we would like to focus your attention on gorgeous Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine, who brought a revolution to the fashion world changing the perception of […]