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  • Shades of Blonde Hair To Give a Try In Your Life

    20 Shades of Blonde Hair To Give a Try In Your Life

    The warm weather of the spring season seems to alert us fashionistas to go for big changes. As you know the best way to change your look is by changing your hairstyle or hair color. When it comes to dyeing hair for spring/summer season one thing should be marked- the lighter the chosen color the […]

  • How to Style a Messy Bun With Your Long Hair

    How to Style a Messy Bun With Your Long Hair

    Messy buns and long hair seem to be incomparable understandings. Well, that’s simply because when dealing with really long hair creating effortless, messy buns seems to be one of the hardest things to do. However there are certain styling tricks that seem to work great when it comes to creating messy buns with long hair. […]

  • Warm Weather Hairstyles

    10 Stylish Warm Weather Hairstyles to Give a Try

    Warm weather makes us feel the warmth of the sun rays on our bodies and the opportunity of wearing light outfits such as skirts and shorts with bare legs. You are provided with a chance of showing off your body in a trendy swimsuit and enjoying your time at the beach. Definitely, we start thinking […]

  • Anna Trebunskaya red hair

    11 Chic Ways to Wear Red Hair like Celebs

    Almost all women are fond of experimenting with various hairstyles and hair colors, creating their unique and bewitching look. You have probably tried wet-looking hairstyles or pixie and ponytails. However, there is something new in the hair trend, worth trying: the red hair color. Have a look at the celebrities and you will see that […]

  • How to Style '70s Bangs

    How to Style ’70s Bangs

    ‘70s styles have marked their big comeback. Although the styles of that time are mainly associated with the subculture of hippies,‘70s inspired hairstyles are associated with the iconic look of beloved Farrah Fawcett. Well guess what! Now it’s the best time to rock a similar style. Well to be more specific certain elements of the […]

  • Tips for Straightening Hair Safely

    Tips for Straightening Hair Safely

    Straight hairstyles are among the hottest trends, rocked by the models and the celebrities. However, curly-tressed women find it rather difficult to make their hair super sleek. You may face numerous problems after straightening your hair; split ends become visible, your hair becomes frizzy and you may face reappearance of waves. Definitely it’s not the […]

  • How to Style Hair Bows

    How to Style Hair Bows

    Without any doubt, bows may aid any look get to perfection. When imagining bows on your tresses, you immediatelyreach for ones, which are already made with a fabulous material and in various shades, thus skipping bows created with your locks. However, styling hair bows is not a complicated process and after several practices, you will […]

  • Easy Crisscross Ponytail Tutorial

    Easy Crisscross Ponytail Tutorial

    As you might have noticed already abstract hairstyles are very ”in” this season. Well among the trendiest hairstyles appears to be the jaw-dropping and super cool crisscross ponytail. Although this look seems easy-to-do it actually requires specific styling skills to be done. Of course that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about wearing the […]

  • Easy Ways to Hide Your Greasy Hair

    10 Easy Ways to Hide Your Greasy Hair

    You have probably faced a problem of greasy hair. To get rid of it, you will either wash your tresses each day or try to elongate the washing process, keeping your locks a bit oily. However, there are several easy ways to hide your greasy hair and provide you with glossy tresses. Here are the […]

  • Tips to Prevent Split Hair Ends

    Tips to Prevent Split Hair Ends

    Hair with split ends can be a girl’s worst nightmare. There are some factors that can affect hair and lead to having split ends. From the way you brush your hair to the amount of the hair products that you use there are many things for you to reconsider if you want to prevent split […]

  • Christina Hendricks Daily Guide to Perfect Hair

    Your Daily Guide to Perfect Hair

    To look interesting and bewitching each day, you may experiment with numerous effortless and chic hairstyles, which may be created at home. Experts share the best tips, which may be your daily guide to perfect hair. 1. Add lovely curls to your strawberry tresses and look as gorgeous as never before. Create a side section […]

  • Kim Kardashian

    50 Bleach Blonde Hair Ideas from Celebrities

    Blonde-haired celebrities have always been evoking envy and admiration with their eye-catching hair tone. In this post, we have collected 50 bleach blonde hair ideas from celebrities, which become our source of inspiration for looking fresh and stylish. 1. Kim Kardashian rocks a splendid lob hairstyle with her bleach blonde hair. She leaves her hair […]