How to Find The Best Brown Eyeshadows for Every Skin Tone

As the latest fashion events showed brown eyeshadow colors have officially marked their big comeback. From Michael Kors to Ralph Lauren, we spotted the gorgeous beauty trend at runway shows of many popular fashion names. As you know to rock a makeup trend you have to know how to adjust it to your skin color as not all colors look the same on all skin types. Considering that we decided to present a few beauty tips about the ways you can find the best brown eyeshadows for your skin tone. So take a look and find out how to pull off the new makeup trend.

Brown Eyeshadows for Every Skin Tone

Brown Tones for Fair Skin

Brown eyeshadow looks great on fair skin. It’s not too dark neither too bright which makes it perfect for a natural makeup look. However for fair skinned women warm browns aren’t the best option to go for. What makeup artists suggest using instead are gray-toned browns. Also you can use peach-toned browns to emphasize your cheeks adding a natural flush. For those of you who have blue eyes using brown mascara instead of black would be a good idea. Note that to keep it simple you can add few coats to your upper lashes keeping your lower lashes nude while for a more dramatic look you can apply mascara on both: upper and lower lashes.


For Medium Skin Tones

Golden browns are ideal for medium skin tones. The more bronze and golden sheer your eyeshadow has the better the results will be. Golden browns will emphasize the sun-kissed glow of your skin adding an exotic flair to the entire look of yours. So no wonder why they are the best option to go for.

The Best Shades of Brown for Olive-Toned

We have to admit that olive-toned ladies were lucky enough to naturally have that sun-kissed glow. Our advice for olive-toned women is to stay away from browns with pink undertones as such colors will look artificially matched. According to makeup artists neutral browns are the best option for olive-toned ladies when it comes to eyeshadow colors while for lips nude browns are just ideal.

Browns for Dark Skin

Browns with warmer undertones look great on dark skin tones. However it is kind of hard to find the right browns for dark skin. So the best you can do is blend reds to create a purple-brown hue that will perfectly accentuate your cheekbones. Also if you’re looking for ways to create a cream blush you might consider mixing lipstick colors to get the right color for your skin.

Now that you know which tones of brown work for your skin and which not, it is time to start experimenting with the new makeup trend, don’t you think?