Brow Shaping Mistakes to Avoid When Tweezing

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Brow Shaping Mistakes to Avoid When Tweezing

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Here is one of the brow shaping mistakes to avoid when tweezing. You should never go for too much plucking. If you are not sure about plucking certain hair, avoid doing it. Be attentive while plucking in order not to spoil your brows. Take into account the thickness of your brow before plucking.

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Going for tweezers that are old, may cause harm to the brows. Because of the dull tips, you will have to pluck the same hair for several times and make your skin red. To stay away from this problem, you should but new types of tweezers or just sharp them.

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Your face won’t look ideal, if you raise your brows too much. Thus, going for a high arch is one of the brow shaping mistakes to avoid when tweezing. Instead, discover the high top of your brows and after tweezing underneath the top, create a right arch.

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Never ignore your brow top while tweezing, as you may make another brow shaping mistake. Plucking the bottom part of your brows, you will get the desired arch but it’s also important to remove the annoying hairs from the top part.

Brow Shaping Mistakes to Avoid When Tweezing

extended essay title page source Editing dissertation writing for payment reviews college essay length Too Much Plucking at the Brow Sides

If you are in a rush, you may go for too much plucking at the brow sides. Making this brow shaping mistake, you will have a great gap. Your brow should begin from the starting point of your nose.

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You are advised to ask a professional to shape your brows from time to time. It will make your job easier later, in case you don’t find time to go to a salon.

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