Body Drench Quick Tan: Healthy Tan Alternative

With the awareness of skin cancer and harmful effects of sun rays, there are so many sunless tanning options to get your glow on with out the damage of UV rays! Body Drench Quick Tan instant bronzing spray is by the far one of the best sunless tanning products you can get, giving a healthy tan all year round.

For starters, it doesn’t smell horrendous like SO MANY sunless tanners. The spray application mists perfectly to get an even tan effortlessly. If you’re new to sunless tanning or have never applied sunless tanner on yourself here are some helpful tips to guide you through.

Prep your skin: You ALWAYS want to shower, exfoliate, and shave before you apply your sunless tanner. This removes any dead skin that you may have and gives you a fresh clean start to your tan.

Apply Sunless Tanner: Body Drench offers two sunless tanner collections, one for gradual tan and the other for instant tan. For beginners, a the Body Drench Quick Tan gradual tanning lotions are a great place to start because you can control how your tan builds to your desired glow.

For darker and more instant sunless tanning, the Body Drench Quick Tan instant bronzing spray will apply a beautiful golden glow instantly. With spray tanning applications, it’s best to apply them in the shower where you can easily wipe down surfaces afterward.

Maintaining your tan: Your sunless tan isn’t permanent…obviously. So it will fade and need to be reapplied. The best way to maintain your glow is to moisturize twice a day, especially before bed. The Body Drench Coconut Water Replenishing Lotion has rich hydration with a lightweight feel, and smells AMAZING.

These Body Drench Quick Tan products are seriously some of the best, so hopefully you’re soon on your way to an instant summer tan. You will not be orange, and you will not regret it!