Best Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes and smokey eye makeup are friends. This makeup enhances the rich color of the brown eyes, giving a stunning beauty to the overall face. For a perfect smokey eye look, there is a need of applying deep shadow tones and carrying out ideal blending. You should also reach for various shades, from dark to light, which will give a gradient vibe on your lids. The black mascara and the precise eyeliner will top off the look. If you wonder what makeup to choose for your brown eyes, these best smokey eyes are a great option.

Best Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

1.  Opting for Complemetary Tones

If you seek for a color, which works perfectly with the tone of your eye, you should consider the color circle and make your choice among the primary (red, yellow and brown), secondary, which are the colors, got after blending the primary tones, as well as tertiary shades (yellowish-green, blue-purple). They are considered opposite shades, which provide you with an attention-grasping look.

Brown eyes belong to the nude shades, so they may go with all shadow tones. You should only pay attention to the color of your tresses and your complexion. We should note that purple and silver tones are the best options to experiment with.

2.  Apply Primer on Your Eyelids

Makeup artists recommend coating your eyelids with primer to get an amazing smokey eye makeup. They make your lids even and aid the shadow stick to the eyelids perfectly. You will enjoy your long lasting makeup without getting smudged and the shadow wont’ move into the creases. Together with priming, it’s essential to apply concealer under eye circles to hide them. Note that if the circles are in a purple shade, you should reach for the concealer with a yellow undertone.   

3.  Apply Eyeliner to Define Your Eyes

After applying primer on your lids for a perfect base, go for eyeliner to define your eyes. For a great result, apply eyeliner not only on the upper but on the lower lash line, as well. It’s an essential makeup trick for gorgeous smokey eyes. You may go for any eyeliner type and make sure you apply the black shade.

4.  Apply Highlighter on Your Eyes

 For an ideal contrast, you had better apply highlighter on your eyes. Opt for a white or a yellowish-brown tone for perfect highlighting and spread it with the help of a tiny brush. Apply highlighter on the inner eye edges to make your eyes look brighter and spread it on the brow bones, as well.

5.  Apply the Accent Shade on our Lids

When creating a smokey eye makeup you opt for an accent shade, which is considered the main tone. In case your eyes are brown and you crave for an intrepid look, opt for a metallic silver shadow. Reach for the shadow brush to swipe the accent tone on your eyelid.

6.  Go for Eye Definition

To make your smokey eyes more defined, apply shadow in a black shade along your lash line and the external eye edges. Go for perfect blending with the accent shade to skip having vivid lines.    

7.  Go for Eyeshadow Blending

Apply a shadow tone in a medium color to mix the metallic silver with the highlighter in a white shade. To carry out this process, apply a blending brush for a smokey touch.   

8.  Emphasize Your Eyelashes

Complete your smokey eye makeup look by reaching for a lash curler and volume-enhancing mascara. Apply the latter in several coats for a more defined look.

The smokey eye makeup will help brown-eyed women grasp attention and achieve a dramatic look. No one will be able to deny your striking look.


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