7 of the Best Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Women do their best to make their tresses look healthy and thick in texture. However, in case your tresses are naturally thick-textured, it is rather annoying to style them. Heavy locks may look dead and boring. The best solution is to have them cut and rock a short haircut. Having short hair, the styling and rinsing processes will be easy. Spending much time outdoors, you won’t have to get troubled with your tresses and try to control them. Thus, have a look at the best short haircuts for thick hair and take your inspiration from them.

1. Try Asymmetrical Short Haircut for Thick Tresses

Women, having thick tresses and looking for less fuss, should go for a short hairstyle. The texture may be achieved thanks to the hair thickness. However, if you decide to experiment with this crop hairstyle with your thin locks, you won’t have any texture. To recreate this asymmetrical short haircut, you will just need to rinse your tresses and apply serum and finish with hairspray.

Best Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

2. Try Short Pixie Haircut

When having thick tresses, you may go for a short pixie haircut, which requires enough courage. This hairstyle will keep your thick locks in control. Moreover, you won’t have to spend hours on styling this haircut. The best recommendation is to have your hair cut regularly in order to preserve the right shape.

Best Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

3. Try Grown out Pixie Hairstyle

To create a feminine and edgy look, you may experiment with a grown out pixie haircut for your thick hair. It is an ideal option for women who don’t dare to go too short. The length of your grown out pixie will give you a chance to go for subtle waves or wear pretty curls.

Best Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

4. Try One Sided Short Haircut

Chop your hair, go for a side section and make one of the sides longer compared with the other one. If you dare and seek for a bold look, you may go for shaving. To style this amazing haircut, you should have at hand a straightening iron for the longer part in order to achieve a smooth finish. While for the short side, there is only a necessity of applying TLC. This haircut for thick hair will be your key to a modern and sophisticated vibe.

Best Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

5. Try Short Layered Hairstyle

To make your thick hair look thinner in texture is to opt for a short bob hairstyle with several layers. This trick makes your thick tresses become less heavy, thus helping you style them easily.

Best Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

6. Try Short Hairstyle, Embellished with Long Fringe

Spicing up a short hairstyle with a long bang and sweeping it to one side is a fabulous option for your thick tresses. The length of the fringe will create an image of thinner-looking tresses. It will help you look jovial even with a short haircut.

Best Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

7. Try Short Bob in a Classic Style

Bob hairstyle created in a classic style is stunning both for thin and thick tresses. The perfectly shaped bob is an ideal version for thick hair. The front part of your tresses will get weight and look comparatively thinner.
Tresses, which are thick-textured and long, may create an illusion of a wild look but if you bring them to control and go for shorter version, you will be able to try various hair colors and embellish with different accessories. When wearing short haircuts, you may go for subtle waves or opt for spikes.

Best Short Haircuts for Thick Hair
Short haircuts provide versatility to thick hair. Spikes come to provide a punky touch as well as a sleek look, having dependence on your personal style. You may also experiment with curling irons or reach for straightening tools without forgetting about heat protectant.
Women having short hair should just have at hand a comb and apply spray to bring the look to perfection without much effort.
Ask your hairstylist help you choose among the best short haircuts for thick hair, and make it go with your features perfectly.