Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

Curly hairstyles continue ruling in the fashion industry. They are again on the runways and on the red carpet but in an updated style. Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner may be your great inspiration with their curly tresses. Though curls may look untidy and uncontrolled when left in a natural way, you may tame them by giving extra shine and fighting against frizz. Thus, find out the best haircuts for curly hair and make your curls look polished.

1.  Try a Graduated Bob Hairstyle

In case of wearing subtle and thick-textured curls, the graduated bob haircut is a stunning option to experiment with. This blunt haircut will add bounce and display volume of the sweet curls.

Best Haircuts for Curly Hai

2.  Try an Angled Lob Haircut

Vanessa Hudgens may be your inspiration with her angled lob haircut on the curly tresses. To get a cute and an eye-catching look, your hair should be rather coarse. To recreate this pretty haircut, you should make the front part of your hair longer compared with the back to frame your features and get a mature look.    

Best Haircuts for Curly Hai

3.  Try a Swag Haircut

To make the curls get a shaggy touch and look thick, the swag haircut is one of the best versions to stick to. Rihanna created a statement hairstyle, taking her inspiration from the 70s. She experimented with long layers and a stylish fringe. The layers expel weight  and give the curls a bouncy touch.

Best Haircuts for Curly Hai

4.  Try a Shoulder-Length Lob Haircut

Kate Hudson’s lively and skinny curls get a gorgeous touch when cut in a shoulder-length lob. She went for subtle layers at the front part of her head, which provided her blonde tresses with much volume.  

Best Haircuts for Curly Hai

5.  Try a Long Layered Haircut

If you seek for a glamorous haircut for your curly hair, you had better take your guide from Zoe Saldana’s long layered hairstyle. Her subtle and shiny curls looked gorgeous and achieved a classic touch due to the long layers.

Best Haircuts for Curly Hai

6.  Try a Gentle Layered Haircut

The queen of naturally curly hairstyles Beyonce pulls off tight ringlets and achieves a breathtaking look. She goes for gentle layers, which give a modern vibe and extra bounce to her springy ringlets. This pretty haircut prevents the curls from looking formless.     

If your hair is naturally curly, make your choice among these fascinating haircuts for curly hair and get an instant grace and edginess.

Best Haircuts for Curly Hai


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