All You Need to Know About 50s Style Clothing

The 1950s style is well known among all women as well as in the fashion industry. Having a look at the hoopskirts and the body-hugging cardigans, you will see the great inspiration from the 50s style. If you are interested in the origin of this amazing style, read on this post and find out all you need to know about 50s style clothing.

The Background of the 50s Style Clothing

Culture has a great role in the fashion evolution and the birth of the 50s style. During the Second World War women found their place in work and had to wear clothes influenced by the severity of the war period.

All You Need to Know About 50s Style Clothing

Women had to opt for military outfits as well as jeans overalls. Ascetic dresses also found their place in women’s wardrobe. There was a deficiency of hosiery. The war period required wearing outfits in nylon or silk. Being indulged in work, having no time for family and not being able to take care of their skin and hair, women had to pull off hats to conceal their bad head looks.

New Looks for New Decade

After the Second World War, the views and the styles changed greatly. Hope came to replace despair. The cultural norms went for transformation, as well. The fashion world focused on simplicity, and the emphasize was put on comfort.

Women had to replace their military outfits with such style clothing as nipped-in waist, a full-looking and wavy skirt. The bust line came to emphasize women’s silhouette which was concealed under their uniforms.

Christian Dior collection became the leading in the fashion industry in 1950 and became an inspiration for women creating their style. Women opted for an amazing suit from Dior collection which contradicted their wartime outfits.

Besides reviving the women’s closet, Dior’s New Look brought back the nylon mesh, introducing it in the hoopskirt form to keep the shape of the fuller-looking skirts.

Colors were also screaming in the 1950s style. Women were encouraged to pull off floral printed outfits. They also embraced striped and polka dotted clothes, creating a jovial touch. Young people pulled off embroidered skirts and ones with appliques.

Hats were among the most stylish accessories in the 1950s style. Wide-brimmed hats were replaced with smaller ones to create a more dramatic look.

As for footwear, round-toed shoes came to adorn women’s feet, giving them a feminine touch. However, young people went for saddle pumps and teamed them with short skirts and fuller-looking skirts. What refers to jewelry, women rocked brooches, embellished with a rhinestone or opted for a pearl and diamond.

Thus, the 1950s style clothing finds its great place on the runways and in the street in each decade, becoming popular among people and inspiring women with their iconic looks.