AERIN Tuberose Collection: Le Jour and Le Sior

Find your new fall fragrance in the AERIN Tuberose Collection introducing two new beautiful fragrances Le Jour and Le Sior. “One elegant flower fused into two luxurious parfums. Radiant by day. Elegant by night.”

Tuberose Le Jour “captures the fresh, bright scent of the delicate buds gently gathered at dawn.  Sun-drenched Neroli, Orange Flower, cool Jasmine and the smooth woodiness of Cashmeran and Cedarwood complete its feminine, luminous notes,” from the AERIN description.

Tuberose Le Sior reveals the sensual scent of the flower in full bloom, harvested at dusk. “In India, the fully opened petals of the Tuberose flower are harvested only at sunset. I was fascinated to experience how the fragrance changed, becoming increasingly rich. Tuberose Le Soir is inspired by and captures the scent’s elegant power, blended with warm and sparkling notes to enhance its brilliance.” — Aerin

“Inspired by the magical Tuberose flowers of India gathered at dawn and dusk, the new AERIN Tuberose Collection creates a perfect harmony” Estée Lauder shared in a Facebook post.

The new AERIN Tuberose Collection is available to shop now at Estée Lauder. Which is your favorite?