9 Tips for Styling Tousled Hair

Your hair is not exposed to any pressure when styled in a tousled form, which is the main cause you look for this splendid hairstyle. You are not obliged to arrange all your hair in a tidy way and do your best to combat flyaways. Tousled hair is the opposite version of it, which means embracing messy and undone style. It means going for beachy waves and sticking to the windblown style. If you seek for this effortless and trendy style, here are 9 tips for styling tousled hair.

Styling Tousled Hair

1. In case blow-drying is an indivisible part of your hair styling program, and you can’t wait until your hair dries naturally, you had better rough method of drying. It will increase the drying process without affecting the natural form of your hair. Instead of using a round-formed brush and a blow dryer, apply your fingers to provide your hair with volume.

2. Braiding wet hair before going to bed and spending the night in it is one of the essential tips for styling tousled hair. In the morning you should just tease it slightly, making sure you don’t a smooth texture.

3. The application of serum is a fantastic method to add a tousled vibe to your hair. Go for hair twisting and your hair will be exposed to bending. Serum fights against flyaways and brings them to control.

4. Instead of making all your tresses curly, carry it out with several pieces. Section your hair in the desired way and start curling tiny sections, using various directions. Though there is no need to make the curls invariable, you should pick equal number of hair sections from both sides. This tip will provide you with a tousled and messy hairstyle.

5. In case you long for a disheveled curly ‘do hairstyle, go from your hair roots to ends with your fingers and give your curly hair the desired bounce by shaking. To make the volume of your hair stay longer, apply hairspray.

6. Reach for a serum and go for hair scrunching. You may perform it with all hair types. You may also opt for a sea salt or a volume-enhancing hairspray. Dry shampoo is also a great option to style tousled hair.

7. To make your straight tresses wavy, you are recommended relying on the curling wand in a wide size in order not to get tight curls.

8. Your hair should be dirty, if you want to get a perfect tousled hairstyle. The second day hair is full of oil, which keeps your hair in a perfect wavy state. For extra lift, you may apply dry shampoo on your hair.

9. Pull your hair up into an undone bun hairstyle and apply a texture-enhancing spray before creating your stunning makeup. Before going outside, release the bun and enjoy your tousled hairstyle with much texture.
To sum up, the tousled hair is one of the dominating hairstyles on the runways and on the red carpet. No special skill is required to sport this breathtaking hairstyle.


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