8 Fitness Programs To Prep Your Body for Spring

The arrival of the spring season has many advantages. For example the warm sunny weather allows you to exercise outdoors while enjoying the fresh air. Moreover the good weather brings excitement and boosts our mood. So basically we can say that it’s the best time of the year to turn the leaf and start making new plans! Well, you can make a start by focusing your attention on certain well-thought workout programs aimed to prep your body for spring. So check them out.

Fitness Programs To Prep Your Body for Spring

Flywheel Indoor Cycling

This is one of the best exercising styles to include in your workout program. The flywheel indoor cycling is considered a very effective full-body workout as it helps to burn calories and aids to develop your muscular system.

Tabata Fat Burning Workout

Tabata is a high intensity workout that assumes seven or eight sets of 4-minute intense training. Tabata training can include different exercises as long as they are full-body exercising sets. Remember Tabata is a 4 minute workout program that assumes the complication of a 20-second set with the 10-second recovery break.

Presented By Kayla Itsines

The 23 year old Australian trainer became very popular on the web due to her amazing training courses. Having millions of subscribers and followers the beloved trainer seems to be marking the beginning of a new phase in fitness world.


Megaformer appears to be the result of the combination of Pilets, strengthening training and cardion. Note that megaformer workout program was designed to help to develop your muscles, improve the condition of your body in general as well as burn calories.

The Very Popular F45

We owe this new fitness trend to Australian trainers. Thus the f-45, which by the way has become very popular lately, appears to be a 45 minute high intensity workout program aimed to develop muscular system and burn fat. So this can be the best alternative for those of you who do not have that much time to dedicate on a full workout program yet want to stay in fit.

Fitness Blender

The fitness blender can be one of the best choices of yours if you’re not a gym personality. Thus the Fitness blender is an online workout course that includes all kinds of photo and video guides all especially designed to help you to plan your workout program rightly. You know what’s another great thing about it? It’s for free! So why wait?

Physique F.I.T

The latter is a mix of cardio and strength workouts that will make you lose pounds and achieve the perfect silhouette in a short period of training programs.


Shadowboxing is very popular among fighting techniques. This exercising type assumes throwing punches at the air following the shadow of your hands. Shadowboxing is an option for you if you want to work on your strength, rhythm, offense and defense skills.