8 Easy Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

In case of counting the number of hair you lose each day, you will get unpleasantly surprised and frightened. It is proved that women are more prone to hair loss. We should note that both your diet and the hairstyle may have a great influence on the state of your hair. Bad habits will definitely leave their impact on your tresses, causing them to split and fall down. Talking to experts, we have summed up these easy ways to prevent hair loss and enjoy the stunning beauty and health of your hair.

Easy Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

1.  Go for Scalp Massaging

It’s great option to stick to scalp massaging and get rid of dead cells, which enhance your chances of getting healthy and strong tresses. Apply shampoo on your head and carry out massages with the help of your finger balls. Take the direction of your hairline and go to the nape of your head to enhance blood flow. Massage is also fabulous for the follicles, making your hair grow quicker.

2.  Right Technique of Brushing

Being aware of the right technique of brushing is one of the easy ways to prevent hair loss. Brushes may give rise to hair loss if done in an improper way. Start brushing to the direction of your hair ends and do it in sections.   

3.  Care for Your Damp Tresses

Be very cautious with your damp tresses, as they are more prone to loss. The hair cuticle is not protected if your hair is still damp. Before styling a cute ponytail, your tresses should be completely dry. Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, go for patting to get rid of moisture.  

4.  Don’t Get Exposed to Sun Rays

 In case of exposing your tresses to sun rays, they will be damaged and spoiled. They will become weaker and will fall down. The reason is that the keratin proteins are damaged from the UV rays. You are advised to apply hairspray on your hair to provide extra protection.

5.  Eat Foods Rich in Protein

Protein is the main substance of your hair and in case of its deprivation, the cells won’t grow quicker and you will face hair loss. If there is a deficiency of healthy vitamins and minerals in your diet, you will feel the impact on your tresses. To prevent hair loss, you may opt for one of the easy ways and enlarge the use of protein-rich foods, such as fish and eggs together with Greek yogurt.      

6.  Skip Products with Long-Lasting Features

You are recommended staying away from products, which have a strong holding feature. These alcohol-rich products may lead to hair dryness. If you brush them, you will face residue, giving rise to hair breakage. Instead, reach for styling creams as they lock in the moisture sins causing friction.

7.  Take a Shower in Cool Water

It is not a problem if 50-150 hair pieces fall down when taking a shower. To prevent hair loss, you should skip having a bath in hot water, as it will remove the natural oils from your hair and cause damage to your hair roots, making you lose your tresses.   

8.  Ask a Dermatologist for Help

 If the reason of losing hair doesn’t depend on your bad habits, you should ask a dermatologist for advice and then go for a certain treatment. You may apply protein hairspray on your tresses or go for supplements.

Thus, pay much attention not only to the products and the technique of brushing your hair, but also to the right diet plan, as they are all among the easy ways to prevent hair loss.


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