7 Healthy Foods for Quick Hair Growth

To make hair grow back and speed up the time is not an easy task. It becomes a must to carry out several actions at the same time like caring for your hair strands, applying right products to enhance the hair growth, without forgetting about the importance of season. You have to reach for dry shampoos, which are designed for hair cleaning. However, you shouldn’t ignore the great role of using healthy foods. To help you we will provide you with the list of 7 healthy foods for quick hair growth.

Healthy Foods for Quick Hair Growth

1. Quick Hair Growth with Salmon

Salmon, the red fish is high in the ingredients, which are beneficial for the quick hair growth. It is packed with Vitamin D and protein. Salmon is also high in Omega 3-acids, as well. You had better eat this healthy food at least once or twice a week.

2. Quick Hair Growth with Yellow Pepper

Compared with oranges, yellow pepper is packed with more Vitamin C. Being a great antioxidant, it makes the hair follicles stronger and affects the hair shaft, fighting against hair breakage, as well.

3. Quick Hair Growth with Oysters

If you look for a healthy food to enhance the growth of your hair, you had better stick to oysters. Though this dish may be unpopular among people, it’s worth trying from time to time. Hair needs a great amount of zinc to grow faster and oyster may provide your hair with 493% of this chemical element. Dietitians strongly recommend the use of this splendid seafood.

4. Quick Hair Growth with Eggs

Eggs are high in omega 3 fatty acids and biotin. Mainly the egg yolk is used for the quick hair growth. The egg white is not recommended as it will impede your body soak biotin.

5. Quick Hair Growth with Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are among the healthy foods to boost up the blood circulation. Several tiny grains will give the necessary amount of vitamin E in your body. Thus, you don’t have to eat the entire packet.

6. Quick Hair Growth with Avocado

Avocado is known for its beneficial qualities for creating a stunning beauty. You may not only enjoy it during your meals, but prepare a splendid mask, which is great for the collagen production, being fabulous for elastin, as well. You may easily get a scrub by blending avocado and sour cream. You scalp also needs exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells.

7. Quick Hair Growth with Almond

To have fantastic results in your hair growth, you are advised to include almonds in your diet. Almond is high in biotin, which provides your hair with quick growth and gives thickness.
Thus, we tried to convince you that there is no need to spend all your money on unknown and expensive products to achieve quick hair growth when there is a list of healthy foods to stick to.