7 Daytime Makeup Mistakes to Stop Making Now

It happens almost with each girl that after creating a daytime makeup, you notice that something doesn’t satisfy you and you wonder whether you have applied it too much or made a certain mistake. You may reach for a blush after wearing your foundation or pair your eyeliner with a bold red lipstick shade. However, your goal is to create a makeup which is pleasant for eye and makes you feel comfortable and subtle. Thus, in case you are among the girls who consider that something is wrong with your makeup, have a glance at these daytime makeup mistakes to stop making now.

Daytime Makeup Mistakes to Stop Making Now

1. Skip Applying Heavy Eyeliner

For a dramatic look, eyeliner has a great role, as it really emphasizes the form of your eye. However, you aren’t recommended applying heavy eyeliner at daytime, as the light will make it look too rough.

2. Avoid Applying Deep Shadow

The smoky eye makeup is a fantastic choice for nighttime wearing but in case you keen on pulling it off at daytime, you should change the darker shades and go for subtle ones.

3. Skip Wearing Dark-Toned Lipstick

Dark-toned lips make your look stand out during the night, but if you wear a lipstick in a dark shade during the day, you will make one of the great mistakes. For day, you are advised to stick to light tones but if you are prone to bold shades, give a try to a cherry lipstick.

4. Skip Over Contouring

You would like to copy Kim Kardashian’s perfectly contoured face, but doing it during the day, may seem too much. You may just stick to a bronzer and apply blush on your cheeks. They both will provide your skin with a glowy vibe.

5. Stay Away from Dark Mascara

If you are fond of wearing mascara, replace the darker shade with the lighter one during the day. No matter how many coats you swipe, it won’t get a heavy vibe. However, if you can’t without dark mascara at daytime, apply it just in a single coat.


6. Skip Wearing Bold Brows

Though perfectly-groomed brows are ideal for an astounding look, you had better skip making them too bold. Don’t go for overfilling and leave them free, giving them a chance of breathing. You may reach for a shadow when you decide to fill in your brows, as this trick will enhance their natural vibe.

7. Skipping Foundation High in SPF

It is a must to coat your face with foundation, which is packed with SPF. During the day, the sun rays will affect your skin. Opting for products with this ingredient, your skin will be provided with protection.
No matter whether you desire to create a daytime makeup or seek for something appropriate for a great night, you should consider the importance of balance. Take these daytime makeup mistakes as your guide and stop making them now.


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