7 Concealer Mistakes You Should Stop Making

If you make a survey on the topic you’ll get the same answer: concealer is our savior! Well no wonder why, this miraculous makeup product helps to cover all kind of skin stains including wrinkles, irritated spots, skin bumps and even dark under eye circles and acne. Although applying concealer seems to be one of the easiest beauty tasks there are certain common concealer mistakes that we all tend to make. So read on to find out what you need to be aware of.

Concealer Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Choosing a Too-Light Tone

Well yes we know that concealer is designed to help you to cover dark skin stains but trust us by using a too-light tone you’ll make everything worse. That way you’ll accentuate the dark stain drawing attention on it. What we suggest doing instead is sticking with a warm-peachy color that will blend well creating a more natural effect.

Forgetting to Set It

This is another, very common mistake that we all tend to make. Girls, always finish off with a translucent powder to let your concealer set, otherwise it will run and create a creamy effect.

Using the Wrong Formulas

Ok the worst you can do is use the same formula for all cases. Instead we suggest opting for a stronger formula for blemishes and redness and a lighter one for the very delicate under-eye area.

Limited Usage of Concealer

Although it’s designed specifically for the skin surface around the eyes there are some cases when applying concealer on the lids or other spots on the face is acceptable. It all depends on what kind of skin imperfection you want to conceal and on whether it’s an emergency or you can handle having a noticeable bump on your face.

Forgetting to Finish Off With an Eye-Shadow

Yes, we know that when you’re in a rush applying and blending seems to be the best option. However it’s better to not apply at all than doing it the wrong way. Especially when working on the area around the eyes you have to keep in mind that you also have to apply an eye-shadow to keep it natural. So to create the desired look start by applying the concealer, follow dabbing a bit of powder and finish off with a light eye-shadow. That’s all!

Applying Concealer before Applying Foundation

Putting your concealer on before applying foundation or moisturizer is another makeup mistake that most of us usually make, First of all that way the product will crease and run ruining your entire makeup look. Secondly, your foundation might cover a lot more than you expect it to.

Using your Fingers to Conceal Acne Scars

You can use your fingers to dab a bit of the product on the under-eye area but you shouldn’t apply concealer on acne scars with your fingers. The reason why that’s not recommended is because that trick won’t work well in this case. What you can do instead is use a small lip brush to cover up acne scars.