7 Bridal Makeup Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Ok girls wedding makeup look is a whole another story. Choosing the right makeup look for the upcoming big event isn’t the easiest thing to do. That is why stylists suggest trying all kinds of looks before making the final decision. Whichever makeup style you decide to go for there are certain things that you have to know about bridal makeup rules that we present below.

Bridal Makeup Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Don’t Go Too Much

Although it’s ok to wear a fancy makeup on your wedding day heavy makeup must be avoided as it will make you look too artificial. So sticking with a soft romantic style that will emphasize your feminine beauty would be the best you can do. Also keep in mind that a lot depends on your hairstyle as makeup and hairstyle must be matched perfectly.


Avoid Matte Effects

You don’t want to look too shiny or go too matte. So the key to success in this case lies on sticking with something ‘’in between’’. So what you need to do first of all is define your skin type in order to find the best primer for your case. Note that your skin must be clean and clear, otherwise the results won’t be as expected.

Bridal Makeup Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Pick the Right Lip Color

This part of the whole makeup application is as much important as anything else. However choosing the right lip color seems a hard task for the bride. Well according to our trust-worthy stylists the best color choice in this case is rose. Now if you don’t really like pink lipstick colors you can also try out a red hue. Whichever color you decide to wear make sure it’s perfectly complementing the entire makeup look as that’s the key to a successful.

Bridal Makeup Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Be Careful While Contouring

Again, you don’t want to end up with an artificial look. To avoid any ‘’makeup disasters’’ opt for a matte formula because a shimmery one might make your look overwhelming. You don’t want to look at your wedding pictures and not recognize yourself. So the more natural will be your look the better the effects.

Bridal Makeup Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Avoid Glitter

Well glitter is very trendy and highly recommended by stylists. However it’s not recommended for bridal look. According to our beloved stylists for a bridal look a soft shimmery color would be a better choice as it will lead you to the desired effects without the risk of going ‘’too much’’.

Pack Essentials

You’ll definitely need to take some essentials with you as there’s no other way to have guaranteed long lasting effects. So pack a mini-pot in your clutch including the basics like translucent powder, concealer, lipstick etc.

Bridal Makeup Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Finish Off with a Setting Spray

Finish off with a bit of Setting spray that will seal everything in and enjoy your day!

Bridal Makeup Rules Everyone Needs To Follow