6 Ways to Prevent Blotchy Skin

Each season causes certain skin problems. Blotchy skin is one of the troubles you may face and to fix it may seem a difficult task. To help you, we present 6 ways to prevent blotchy skin and get a clear complexion.

Ways to Prevent Blotchy Skin

1.  Ask a Dermatologist for Help

Severe weather conditions may be one of the main reasons of blotchy skin. However, there may be other causes, which are graver, such as rosacea as well as lupus. Keratosis pilaris may also be diagnosed, which requires quick treatment. If you notice that there is no way of preventing blotchy and rough skin and it lasts for a long time, don’t hesitate to ask a dermatologist for advice.

2.  Diminish Smells

The blotchy marks which are also known as dermatitis may appear on your skin because of irritation. It is a bad skin condition which will stay for a long time and make you mad. Fragrance is responsible for blotching, so you should opt for products which don’t contain any smell. It refers both to your cleansers and other makeup products, as only in this case you will face no irritation.

3.  Opt for Moisturizers High in SPF

Moisturizing products are ideal for a healthy and glowy complexion, while SPF fights against UV rays and combats blotchy skin. You are advised to choose moisturizers high in SPF, mostly in case of applying retinoids.

4.  Stick to Serum

In case the blotchy skin isn’t so grave, stick to serum when following the skincare program. Look for serums packed with plant extracts to make your complexion smoother and stop blotches from happening. Serums are also fabulous for sensitive skin types. If you apply serums for a month, you will definitely notice great results.

5.  Reach for an Ice Cube

Though it may seem a bit crazy to reach for an ice cube to prevent blotchy skin, it’s one of the easy and trusted ways, worth trying. To make your blood vessels narrow, you should apply an ice cube on your skin and prevent blotching and fight against skin ruddiness.    

6.  Apply Concealer on Your Skin

If you want your blotchy skin get a glowy touch but you have no time, you may rely on makeup. You may apply concealer, as it’s one of the easy ways to prevent blotchy skin. It is ideal for a perfect coverage, which will also provide you with a natural and faultless finish.

Thus, save your skin from getting blotchy with these easy and effortless ways. They will also help you hide ruddiness and pimples, removing acne and softening dry skin, as well.


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