6 Lovely Side-Swept Hairstyle Tutorials

In case you look for a hairstyle which is taken away from your neck but you aren’t prone to wearing high ponytails or buns. It may be appealing to pull off down do hairstyle even on summer days. Thus, we offer you hairstyles, swept to one side, which look lovely and cool. In this post we have decided to post 6 lovely side-swept hairstyle tutorials, provided by famous fashion bloggers.

1.  Try a Side-Swept Hairstyle with Double Braids

Having a look at this hairstyle, you will get assured that even uncomplicated hairstyles may look glamorous. The side-swept hairstyle with double braids may suit both a casual and a red carpet look. Moreover, everyone may try this look, without any dependence of the texture and length of their tresses.

You had better blow dry your hair before creating this hairstyle. You may rock this style with your curly tresses. Create a side section and after braiding the underneath hair piece, use clips to keep it away from the braid. Then go for the second Dutch braid above the first one and tie the end with an elastic. Finally, let the loose pieces out for a fabulous side-swept hairstyle with double braids.

Lovely Side-Swept Hairstyle Tutorials

2.  Try a Twisted Side-Swept Hairstyle

You won’t make a mistake when wearing this hairstyle for a great festival. No matter whether your hair is short or long, you may easily get this look. To embrace this twisted hairstyle, swept to one side, you should just follow this tutorial.  

Start with your second-day tresses and make them wavy. Take your hair to one side and go on braiding with the front hair strand, each time adding another piece to make your braid look fuller. Opt for an over-and-under braiding technique to create a twisted braided hairstyle. Tie the braid end, using an elastic. Make the braid messy for a striking vibe.

Lovely Side-Swept Hairstyle Tutorials

3.  Wear a Side-Swept Braided Hairstyle with Much Texture

Get your inspiration from a romantic hairstyle, swept to one side. Though this look is not complicated, it keeps its breathtaking vibe.

Side-section your hair and bring it to one of the shoulders. Start creating a French braid, and stretch to your ear, each time adding new hair pieces. Make sure you make the braid loose and finish with a band. Complete the look with a hairspray.     

Lovely Side-Swept Hairstyle Tutorials

4.  Wear a Cute Updo Hairstyle Swept to One Side

For a killing and shocking look, take your inspiration from another envy-evoking side-swept updo hairstyle. You may create this amazing style with any type of hair and embellish it with a cute accessory for an eye-catching vibe.

Opt for a deep side section; pull your hair back and to one side. Leave some hair out on the side, and twist the rest, pulling up and adjusting with pins. Apply styling product on the loose strands and start pinning them slightly up for a dramatic vibe. Finish with a hairspray and embellish with a tiny hair accessory.

5.  Sport an Inside Out Braided Pony Hairstyle

This look requires low-maintenance and less effort when styling. It has much in common with a milkmaid braid but skips looking too mincing. You may freely wear this inside out braided pony hairstyle when being at the pool or taking yoga classes. You may even replace the tail with a cute bun.

For this look create a side section and grasp a hair piece from the top part to start braiding. Create an inside out French braided hairstyle, stretching down to the direction of the ear. Make the jaw line the final point of the braid and create a cute ponytail with the rest of the hair. Use a hair tie to secure the pony. To give the braid a fuller touch, make it loose by pulling from the sides. Finish the gorgeous look by twisting a hair piece around the pony and adjust with pins.

Lovely Side-Swept Hairstyle Tutorials

6.  Wear a Boho-Inspired Braided Hairstyle Swept to One Side

If you seek for a perfect hairstyle to wear under your hat, go for this curly braided hairstyle in a boho style. This relaxed hairstyle gives you an opportunity to wear it each day. To resemble this look, have a look at the tutorial.

Take a curling tool and make all your tresses curly. Bring them to one side and create a chic braid, tying the end with an elastic. Finally, spice up your boho-inspired hairstyle with a wide-brimmed hat.  

If you liked any of these side-swept hairstyle tutorials, don’t lose a minute and start practicing them, as the result will be a glamorous and flirty look.

Lovely Side-Swept Hairstyle Tutorials