50 Fashion Tips for Every Woman

The fashion world puts its own rules which should be either strictly followed or broken. However, you aren’t deprived of failure when dealing with fashion. For instance, you may face a great problem when noticing water stain on the leather pumps or you may have difficulties in layering. To help you get out of such problematic situations, we have collected 50 fashion tips every woman needs to know and follow.

Fashion Tips for Every Woman

1.  If you crave for legs, looking slim and long, pull off pointy pumps, as it’s one of the essential fashion tips to follow.

2.  In case your new tights have runs, you may easily fix this problem with a hairspray.

3.  Reach for a salad spinner to make the outfits, washed by hand, completely dry.

4.  As jeans have a tendency to lose a bit of their length after washing, don’t sew the hem until you rinse them for several times.

5.  To create a cute look and reveal your skin, stick to shorts/skirts, and go for cover-ups for your top. In case of a skimpy blouse, wear long pants or skirts.

6.  Applying beeswax on your shoes in order to make it waterproof is another fashion tip for every woman. Go for shoe rubbing and finish with a blow-dryer.

7.  Get rid of the unpleasant odor of your vintage outfits by going for one of the best fashion tips. Blend water (2 parts) with vodka (1 part) and spray it on your outfit.

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8.  Match your necklace with the neckline of your outfit.

9.  When noticing annoying underarm stains on your shirt, you may get into a great trouble and face difficulties in removing them. However, every woman should be aware of one of the fashion tips and apply lemon juice on the stains and then throw the shirt into the machine.

10.  Wear pants which touch your shoes but the hems of which are a bit above the ground.

11.  Reach for baby wipes to get rid of the stains, caused by deodorant.

12.  If you have difficulties in making your collar super straight, replace your regular iron with a straightener.

13.  When seeking for a chic skinny skirt, you should opt for one, which touches your knee or goes below it. This fashion tip is ideal for women who are tall and want to look shorter.

14.  If you desire to create an image of fuller locks, experiment with two ponytails and use elastics and pins to make them stay in place.

15.  Don’t stick to the same bra for more than three months, as they won’t provide you with enough support any more.

16.  You will end up with a stretched collar, if you hang them from the bottom part. To skip it, you should hang your shirt from the top.

17.  Apply white wine on a cloth and get rid of the unpleasant stain, caused by a red wine.

18.  Every woman should be very gentle with her tresses and skip damaging them. To achieve it, you should reach for a T-shirt and dry your locks with it, instead of applying towel. This fashion tip fights against frizz, as well.

19.  You may easily put your jeans in your boots by making the bottom part skinny with hand and wearing a sock over it.

20.  Clean your closet and throw away the outfits you don’t pull off any more. To achieve it easily, arrange the hangers in the same row. If you take out the outfits worth wearing, put them in the other direction and take away those ones which are stored in the right way.

21.  One of the fashion tips you should know is to pull off socks with kicks and to apply hairdryer on your feet.

22.  To elongate your torso, you had better wear tops with V-shaped necks.

23.  While rinsing your jeans, reach for white vinegar in a distilled form (1/2 cup) and pour it during the final wash.

24.  If you have unintentionally applied excess fragrance o your skin, you may get rid of it by reaching for a smell-free makeup remover high in oil to take away the perfume.

25.  To look your best in an instant, you may just replace your gorgeous necklace with a trendy scarf.

26.  To make sure your bra fits you perfectly and isn’t extremely tight, put two of your fingers underneath the band and if you feel comfortable placing them, then you have chosen the right bra size.

27.  Every woman should know that silver accessories change the color of your skin, making it green. To prevent it, you had better coat your accessory with a clear polish.

28.  To give your T-shirt a vintage vibe, you should just opt for another fashion tip and soak it in the mixture of water (4 cups) and salt (1/2 cup). Then you should just rinse your T-shirt.

29.  Nude shoes will be your key to achieve elongated legs.

30.  Instead of throwing the can taps, apply them for another purpose and get double hangers.

31.  In case there are scratches on your bag in leather, you may easily get rid of it with the help of a moisturizing product. Rub it on the scratch with the help of a Q-tip.

32.  Make your diamonds glitter by using dishwashing soap, applied on the toothbrush.

33.  If there is a broken blush in your bag, reach for wipes designed for removing makeup and immediately get rid of the powder.

34.  In case your bobby pins don’t stay firm on your hair, you may use a paper towel and apply hairspray, which will make them immovable.

35.  Each woman should know how to wear a gorgeous topknot hairstyle. Apply your texture-enhancing hairspray along your hairline. Create a high ponytail and then roll your tresses around the pony base, adjusting with pins.

36.  Consider one of the fashion tips and skip outfit shrinking after washing. Pour baby shower into warm water, immerse your outfit into it and let the material relax. After getting the cloth out of water, go for squeezing. Skip rinsing and put the cloth in a flat pose on a towel. Wrap the towel to remove the moisture and let it dry.

37.  To look various for each occasion, enlarge your closet with a tiny dress in black, a lightweight jacket and a pair of close-fitting jeans. Don’t forget about essential accessories such as shoes in a classic style, a cute handbag and a pair of ballet flats.

38.  For a perfect cuffed sleeve, never unfasten the top button when rolling.

39.  To take away the stain from your purse, you should apply baby powder on it and wait during the whole night.

40.  If you have no desire to wear a dress but it’s essential to find out the place where the hem touches, put the shoulder line of your outfit and the bone of your shoulder in a straight line.

41.  To make your closet look outstanding and eye-catching, invest in the same type of hangers for all your clothes.

42.  In case you find that your closet looks dull and uninteresting, add loud-toned outfits and team them with a bold lipstick or an accessory.

43.  To get rid of the dirt from your suede item, use another fashion tip and rub bread crust over it and the suede will be completely clean.

44.  The boots in leather may be covered with stains, caused by water and to remove them you should mix vinegar with cold water and carry out scrubbing with the help of a brush.

45.  Prevent your mascara from smudging with the help of a business card. Keep it at your eye lashes when spreading your mascara.

46.  To achieve a perfect layering, team your button-up shirt and a pretty sweater with a body-hugging tank to skip looking old-fashioned.

47.  Coral is the trendy color of the season. It goes ideally with everything and suits everyone. Invest in a blush or a lipstick in a coral shade or apply nail polish.

48.  Don’t just wrap or throw your T-shirts into the drawer, instead, fold them properly and arrange one after another.

49.  When purchasing a chic dress for a great night, opt for right shoes and pull off body-hugging undergarments.

50.  To avoid having clumpy lashes, make the clean wand pass through them when they aren’t completely dry.

These fashion tips will help each woman forget about tiredness and feel trendy and cute during the whole year.