50 Bleach Blonde Hair Ideas from Celebrities

Blonde-haired celebrities have always been evoking envy and admiration with their eye-catching hair tone. In this post, we have collected 50 bleach blonde hair ideas from celebrities, which become our source of inspiration for looking fresh and stylish.

1. Kim Kardashian rocks a splendid lob hairstyle with her bleach blonde hair. She leaves her hair loose and sweeps back, tucking the ends under the outfit.

 Kim Kardashian

2. Christina Aguilera sports a sleek ponytail hairstyle with statement earrings and a turtleneck outfit. Taking her bleach blonde tresses up, she creates a bewitching look.


Christina Aguilera

3. When looking for a gorgeous bleach blonde hair idea, you may take your inspiration from another celebrity called Rachel Zoe. She middle sections her loose hairstyle, adding subtle waves starting from the middle part of her hair.

Rachel Zoe

4. Sofia Richie opts for a deep side section and embellishes her loose and bleach blonde tresses with a tiny braid on one side.

 Sofia Richie

5. Kesha adds interest to her blonde locks, embellishing her disheveled waves with a wide-brimmed hat.


6. For a sleek and sophisticated look, copy Rita Ora’s side sectioned short crop hairstyle. She sports it in a super sleek form and adds gorgeous vibe with an off-shoulder gown.

Rita Ora

7. To embrace a dramatic look with your bleach blonde tresses, take your guide from Kate Hudson and wear a loose wavy hairstyle with a middle section.

Kate Hudson

8. As exquisite as always, Lady Gaga offers you another bleach blonde hair idea, worth trying. She pulls off a super sleek ponytail at the nape of her head and wraps a thick hair piece around the base, embellishing the style with a red headpiece.

Lady Gaga

9. The chin-length bob hairstyle, tried by Michelle Williams, is her key to a sophisticated look. She goes for a side section and puts the sides behind the ear, making her bleach blonde locks get an alluring vibe.

Michelle Williams

10. Paris Hilton embraces a divine look with her long curly hairstyle. She modernizes her blonde tresses with a middle section and rocks a glamorous eye makeup.

Paris Hilton

11. Resemble Nicky Hilton’s bleach blonde hairstyle, rocked in a straight way. She embellishes her gorgeous tresses with an off-center and adds subtle layers at the front, making the ends super blunt.

Nicky Hilton

12. Hilary Duff offers another great idea of bleach blonde hair. She sports a mid-length hairstyle with tousled waves and modernizes with a middle section.

Hilary Duff

13. If you have a short bob hairstyle, grazing your chin, copy Emily Weiss’ stunning look with her off-centered blonde locks, styled in a sleek form and put behind the ears.

Emily Weiss

14. To look feminine and jovial, take Sienna Miller as your guide. She experiments with a long and layered hairstyle and makes her bleach blonde locks super trendy with a middle section.

Sienna Miller

15. Short-haired women may freely copy Julianne Hough’s chin-length hairstyle in a sweet blonde shade. She makes the roots darker and adds subtle waves at the ends.

Julianne Hough

16. Agyness Deyn looks super chic with her deep side-sectioned short bob hairstyle. She makes her bleach blonde locks super straight for an ultra glamorous look.

Agyness Deyn

17. If you are for a fringe hairstyle, Anna Faris may be your inspiration. She adds an extra appeal to her long wavy hairstyle, styling a full and chic fringe.

Anna Faris

18. Miley Cyrus opts for a super short pixie hairstyle with her bleach blonde hair, brushed forward. She makes the sides shorter and gets a dramatic appearance.

Miley Cyrus

19. In case you have curly tresses and want to go blonde, take your inspiration from Madonna and spice it up with a middle section.


20. Get thrilled with Nicki Minaj’s super long and straight locks in a bleach blonde tone. She makes the roots textured and gets an astounding look.

Nicki Minaj

21. Iggy Azalea embellishes her long wavy hairstyle in a blonde shade with a colorful headband, getting a lovely and jovial vibe.

 Iggy Azalea

22. Cut your bleach blonde tresses to the chin length and spice it up with a side section like Zosia Mamet. Rocking a super straight bob hairstyle, the celebrity embraces an eye-catching look.

Zosia Mamet

23. Eve is one of the celebrities dying her tresses in a bleach blonde hue. She wears a textured bob hairstyle with a side section, making the front part a bit longer. She pairs her stunning hairstyle with statement accessories and achieves a bold look.


24. To look romantic and ultra feminine, you may resemble Kristen Dunst’s bleach blonde hair with finger waves. To modernize her hairstyle, the celebrity experiments with a side section.

Kristen Dunst

25. January Jones plays with her mid-length tresses and opts for a side sectioned lob with rolled ends and a side swept fringe.

January Jones

26. Jessica Simpson brightens up her complexion with her blonde tresses, styled in disheveled waves and let loose. The yellow outfit adds a lovely touch to her look.

Jessica Simpson

27. Elizabeth Banks spices up her blonde-toned updo hairstyle with a bejeweled headband and pulls off a stunning smoky eye makeup.

Elizabeth Banks

28. In case you are for a brave hairstyle, you may have a look at Natasha Bedingfield’s exquisite hairstyle with a quiff at the top and sleek sides. The bleach blonde hairstyle looks screaming with a bold red lipstick.

Natasha Bedingfield

29. For a lovely and eccentric look, copy Amber Heard’s finger wavy hairstyle with a side section, rocked with her bleach blonde locks. The bold red lipstick brings her dramatic look to perfection.

Amber Heard

30. Ashley Tisdale creates a gorgeous contrast by pairing her blonde tresses with the black ensemble. She styles her hair in a straight way and wears it with a side section, sweeping her locks to one side.

Ashley Tisdale

31. Pulling off a bouncy hairstyle with disheveled waves, Ashlee Simpson embraces a subtle and bewitching look, making her blonde tresses stand out.

Ashlee Simpson

32. Claire Danes manages to create a feminine and sophisticated look with her striking updo hairstyle. She pulls her blonde locks back, adds texture at the roots and pairs it with a backless gown.

Claire Danes

33. Copy one of the dolly looks, sported by Rachel McAdams. She takes the front part of her bleach blonde tresses back and rocks a half up half down hairstyle. For a thrilling vine, Rachel adds disheveled waves to her loose locks.

Rachel McAdams

34. Kaley Cuoco-Sweating inspires us with her blonde super sleek’do, teamed with a full and wispy fringe. The sharp layers at the front manage to soften her features.

Kaley Cuoco-Sweating

35. If you are prone to rocking a bedhead hairstyle, take your guide from Suki Waterhouse. She pulls off a tousled wavy hairstyle with a full fringe, adding a gorgeous vibe to her bleach blonde locks.

Suki Waterhouse

36. For a romantic hairstyle, consider Nicola Peltz’ side swept hairstyle, embellished with a tiny side braid. She creates a stunning side section with her blonde tresses and embraces a pretty look.

Nicola Peltz

37. To look simple and attractive, Elle Fanning sports a middle sectioned ‘do with chic waves at the ends. The subtle makeup and the white outfit go perfectly with her bleach blonde tresses.

Elle Fanning

38. Dakota Fanning side sections her blonde and straight hair and puts the sides behind the ears for a more screaming look. She teams her cute hairstyle with a trendy one-shoulder gown.

Dakota Fanning

39. To make everyone get thrilled with your shocking look, add a middle section to your blonde wavy locks and wear a subtle makeup like Jennette McCurdy.

Jennette McCurdy

40. Kristen Wiig inspires women with her bleach blonde hair. She rocks a long bob hairstyle with pretty waves and updates with a side section.

Kristen Wiig

41. Women with super long tresses may opt for Taylor Momsen’s bleach blonde hairstyle with long extensions, spiced up with a middle section. She finishes her rockery look with a dark eye makeup and a matching lipstick.

Taylor Momsen

42. Avril Lavigne gets a subtle look, spicing up her blonde locks with a pink hair piece at the front. She creates an off-center and makes her sleek tresses super glamorous.

Avril Lavigne

43. Scarlett Johansson teams her black gown with a blonde curly hairstyle and adds a romantic vibe with a middle section.

Scarlett Johansson

44. Lindsay Lohan is one of the celebrities who provide a great idea of bleach blonde hairstyle. She pulls off a long hairstyle with a full fringe and completes the gorgeous vibe with black eyeliner.

Lindsay Lohan

45. Take your guide from Kristen Bell and embrace a subtle wavy hairstyle, matched with a side fringe. She makes her bleach blonde locks pop with a black gown.

Kristen Bell

46. You may copy Kristin Chenoweth’s sleek ponytail hairstyle, sported on her bleach blonde tresses. She teases the back part of her hair a bit textured and manages to achieve an entrancing look.

Kristin Chenoweth

47. Kristin Cavallari sports a messy ponytail hairstyle, leaving two hair pieces loose at the front for an interesting vibe.

Kristin Cavallari

48. Create a casual and cute hairstyle, getting your inspiration from Lauren Conrad’s off-sectioned loose style with subtle layers at the front.

Lauren Conrad

49. To add elegance to her look, Carey Mulligan experiments with a gorgeous updo hairstyle with a bit texture at the crown.

Carey Mulligan

50. For a polished appearance, resemble Brittany Snow’s blonde bob hairstyle, spiced upo with a side section and swept to one shoulder.

Brittany Snow
The ideas of blonde hairstyles are innumerable. If you are brave enough to rock this breathtaking hair color, take your inspiration from the bleach blonde-haired celebrities.