5 Red-Carpet Worthy Hairstyles to Do After The Shower

Red carpet hairstyles always manage to steal our attention with their astonishing detailed design and flawless style. Moreover due to that wearing a ”red carpet” look means having the proper styling skills and of course good taste in fashion. So there is more than just one reason for a real fashionista to try out a real red carpet look. That is why we decided to present a list of the best red-carpet worthy hairstyles that you can wear right after the shower. What we especially like about them is that although they seem complicated from the first sight they’re actually very easy to do! So take a look and get inspired to experiment with brand new styles.

The Romantic Mood

Ok this hairstyle takes less than 10 minutes to be done. So why not give it a try? Start with a deep side part and follow making a three-piece braid on the side with the most of your hair. Gather it around the side as well as on the back of your head, continue braiding to the ends and secure with an elastic band. Once you reach that point you have to tuck the ends of the braid under the braid that’s on the back and leave the ends out.

Red-Carpet Worthy Hairstyles to Do After The Shower