5 Other Uses of the Mascara Wand

Tools, which may be applied for various purposes, are considered the best option for your beauty. When the same product performs various tasks, you will be able to economize on your expenses and have a room in your makeup storage. Probably, you have never considered mascara wand as a multifunctional tool. There are numerous things you can do with the mascara brush that you have never thought before. Mascara wands are available everywhere and you may purchase them at low prices. Instead of throwing your old mascara, you may take its wand and make it super clean, using a makeup remover. Thus, have a look at these 5 other uses of the mascara wand.

Other Uses of the Mascara Wand

1. Mascara Wand for Brow Grooming

One of the most effective methods of applying mascara wand is brow grooming. To make your brows neat and tidy, reach for a mascara wand and brush your brows with it. Take the upwards direction when carrying out this process. For extra hold, apply hairspray. You may also coat the wand with Vaseline and make your brows stay in place. This trick will enhance the thickness of your brows.

2. Combat Flyaways

In case of facing irritating flyaways when wearing your stunning hairstyle, you may reach for another use of the mascara wand and combat them. Baby hairs may also be tamed with a wand only after spraying hairspray on it.

3. Achieve a Gorgeous Mascara

One of the great advantages of a mascara wand is that you may put it in various mascara tubes, getting your desired mascara look. If your mascara has already come to its end, but you adore the design of your mascara wand, don’t throw it away, and instead apply it for other purposes, as well.

4. Mascara Wand for Eye Lash Conditioning

Women always opt for castor oil to make their eye lashes grow longer. It’s also applied for lash conditioning. Coating your eye brows or eye lashes with this oil, you will make them look thick and glowy. Not to face difficulties in its application, you should reach for a mascara wand. This tool will help you spread the castor oil on each lash.

5. Draw an Impressive Nail Art Design

If you are for creative ideas when wearing nail art designs, you are advised to opt for a mascara wand, as its bristles will provide your nails with an abstract touch. First, paint the base mani and wait until it becomes completely dry. Then take the mascara wand and to add various mani shades on the base. You may be tricky with the mascara wand and give a gradient touch to your nails.
Thus, don’t get limited only with applying astounding mascara on your lashes when there are many other beauty uses of the mascara wand.


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