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35 Tips to Care for Winter Clothing

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1.  Cashmere needs to be washed on cold water with hands. Also for better effects, you can use some baby shampoo to provide extra softness and protect the fabric from the chemicals.

Tips to Care for Winter Clothing

2.  Keep cashmere in a lump when it’s wet. This is very important especially for cashmere sweaters as holding from the shoulders will ruin their form.

3.  Salad spinner works great when it comes to drying cashmere. Another way of drying cashmere assumes laying it flat and pressing with a towel.

4.  Fold cashmere in thirds to avoid fold lines.

5.  Clean cashmere before storing it as scents from food, perfumes or even smoke can attract moths.

6.  If you decide to dry-clean cashmere then keep in mind that all garments must be removed from the plastic immediately. What you can do instead is wrap them in tissue paper.

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7.  To remove soil and lint treat wool with suede or lint brush.

8.  Use wood hungers for wool coats so the weight of the coat won’t stretch it on the shoulders.

9.  Breathing helps wool to stay in a good condition. So you should avoid storing wool in a packed-capacity closet.

10.  Never rub wool to get rid of stains as rubbing will ruin the material. Try to treat stains by blotting with cold water or club soda.

11.  Note that wool coats must be dry cleaned at the beginning and at the end of each season.

12.  Always check the pockets of wool pants and coats in order to make sure that they’re empty. Otherwise your pockets will lose their shape.

13.  If on the label it’s written ”hand wash only” then you can also use the ”hand wash” program of your washing machine.

14.  Now if you decide to hand wash wool then use a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Soak your clothing in the water, let it in for about 5 minutes and only after put it in cool water.

15.  Never use hot water or bleach for wool.

16.  Avoid hanging wool to dry it. Instead, squeeze it gently and flat dry.

17.  Wait 24 hours after wash and then wear wool in order to allow the fabric to gain back its elasticity.

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18.  A top-loading washer can ruin your down item. So use front-loading washer instead.

19.  Go for permanent press cycle and add the needed amount of soap.

20.  Never add more detergent than it’s written on the directions as that will ruin the fabric.

21.  If down clothing looks very dirty then you might want to stop the machine mid-wash for an hour and let it soak.

22.  Always run the item through an additional wash cycle in order to make sure soap is completely rinsed out.

23.  Keep in mind that drying in this case is a slow process. So there’s no need to rush.

24.  Of course you’ll need some heat for the drying process.

25.  However low heat usually works the best for down items.

26.  If down clothing is still wet even after a standard drying circle then you might need to consider an additional drying circle.

27.  Toss in a few tennis balls to break up clumps.

28.  Pull the jacket out periodically to pull apart the clumps with your finger.


29.  Some of them can be dry cleaned, while others machine washed. So it is very important to always read the labels.

30.  Never iron velvet as it will destroy the fabric.

31.  Use a steamer to wild wrinkles that can be seen on the fabric.

32.  Or hang wrinkled velvet in a steamy bathroom to remove the wrinkles.

33.  Never fold velvet items. Use garment boxes to store them.

34.  Never press or blot velvet and always read the instructions on the label before organizing any cleaning action.

35.  Use a lint roller to remove lint, dust and threads from velvet.