3 Ways To Style Effortless Waves With No Heat

Wavy hair is very “in” this year. Well, no wonder why, it’s cute, very practical and takes only few minutes to be done! So to rock a super cute wavy hairstyle, check out some easy ways to style waves with no heat and forget about spending hours in front the mirror!

Ways To Style Effortless Waves With No Heat

The Sock Wrap Styling Trick

Grab a sock and use it make a bun. Ok do not use it exactly the way it is but cut the toes off and roll it to make a round shape (just as the form of a bun. Once you’ve done that gather your hair into a ponytail and slip it through the sock. Tie your hair around the sock take the ends out and pull it through the center to make a look. Repeat the same process until you reach a point where there’s no more hair to look. Secure your hair using a few bobby pins and let it sit well overnight. Release your hair the next morning and enjoy showing off a flawless wavy look!

Milkmaid Braids

You might have read about the miraculous effects that braiding leads to when it comes to creating a wavy style. Well now it’s time to get more detailed information on the topic. Although it is very common to braid the hair the night before to get a wavy style, there are some styling hacks that one must know in order to achieve the desired look. First of all make sure your hair is damp. Now, if you have hair that’s really long then you must start by sectioning it into two equal sections and follow twisting these two sections until you reach the ends. Once you’ve done that pull each section up to the other side and pin it. Do the exact same thing with the other strand following the opposite direction. Release your hair when it’s dry and enjoy the results!

For shorter hair we suggest the following:

Section off your hair and take each strand to the other side of your head. Follow dividing each section into two equal parts, twist each of them and pin. Repeat the same process with the hair on the other side of your hair and let it dry. Release and enjoy showing off a gorgeous wavy style!

The Double Sock Bun

The classic sock bun is always an option that you can count on. You can use as many buns as needed depending on how much hair you have. Keep your hair in buns for as long as it’s necessary to get the desired effects, release, comb and that’s all!

Note that all of the styling tricks mentioned above work great only for damp hair. So before you start any styling process you have to make sure your hair is damp enough.